Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Return

I'm back with an all ex-Reds set. Only three cards were made for the regular issue. Adam Dunn of the Diamondbacks, Barry Larkin of the Nationals and Ken Griffey Jr. of the White Sox. Sean Casey, Dunn and Griffey had some G/U cards and Chris Denorfia was included in the update set numbered to 750.

This was an interesting set for me. I first obtained a card (Larkin no less) as a promo in Tuff Stuff Magazine in 05. I was hooked from there.
The background is what stands out to me. The colors blend well and make the photo stand out. I like the use of the players initials on the back. Plus Upper Deck used really good photos for a change in 2005 for the cards. When lined up in a row the cards make one continuious card from the edges being seemless. This makes a simple person like me happy.

Thanks goes out to the guys from the Bench for the cards that compromise this Titanic sized team set. The only thing harder than completing this would be a 3 game wining streak by the Reds.

Sorry for te dellay in posting, but life as a truck driver and student in this down economy has me away from home more thatn I would like. And I am now moved into a residence. No longer just sleeping in the truck. Thanks to everyone out there. Including all 4 people on the RSS feed.


Spiff said...

Good to see this blog back up and active. Hope things get better for you soon.

Brads55sRedsCards said...
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Brads55sRedsCards said...

Ohhhh mannnnn ..... I thought that the Ultimate Braddior finished you off. You're like the Undertaker back from the dead!

dayf said...

Woohoo! Glad you're back!

don said...

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Wax Heaven said...

Fuck Don!

jv said...

yeah, fuck don!! haha... why are we yellin?

Anway, Where ya been? Hadn't read anything new in awhile.

Everything alright?

Just checkin' in. I know lots of people have been affected by the recent Hurricanes and I wasn't sure if you were on of them.

Spiff said...

Where are you guys? Hopefully everything is ok.