Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Full Reds Team Set of

2000 Fleer Tradition
This is one cool set. The HD pictures that show the players in all their wrinkled glory. The colors that POP! SMACK! and PAHYAH! at ya. The thick old time fiberboard you can use as a toothpick if this is your smile. But a little known gem is the card backs. I don't know who the unemployed comic book guy was that did these but they are original to say the least.
Normally this is where I show you the cards. But today I am going to add a
link to a site I have been working with others on.
This is a sister site to Twins Cards that most of you have seen already.
We are slowly building a database of
QUALITY scans of as many cards as we can do. I have uploaded a few complete sets and some Reds team sets. Stop by, sign in and enjoy the show. If you are interested in other teams (and why would you be?) just look on the left and click on your team name and check out what they have. Feedback is appreciated.

But I have to show some funny cards from the set:
The only hat Paul could find to put him in competition with this guy

How creepy is this cartoon?
You can't tell me this was NOT a
turned down Spider Man Foe idea first.

How many cards are brought to you by the letter Q?

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