Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Can You Smell What the Rat is Cooking!

Coming in from over the top!

Off the caution barricade!

2006 Topps
No. 159 Brandon Claussen
Magenta Press Plate
1 / 1

Like a bolt of beefcake lightning Claussen comes in to pound some more on an over matched Aaron Booooooooooone. Why can't Boone recapture the extra inning home run to beat the Red Sox magic? He is being beat own like a sad clown.

The crazy eyes of Claussen!

The "Fast Ball Claw"

Fear the Claw! Fear it Braddior!

How much more punishment can Aaron take?
The above card was provided by
the Mouth of the South Salt Lake's Fan Section on the Bench Trading.
Thanks to all the people who parted ways with their
cardboard treasures to help me rebuild.

There will be some more cards in the beatdown of ht e Braddior coming!


Brads55sRedsCards said...

Superb #!!! Ugly ass card!!! Shitty ass pitcher!!!

dayf said...

Dear lord those eyes are freaky.... but since this is a magenta press plate that's probably a good thing.