Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A must read for all true Reds fans

This sums up the Dusty Debacle at it's best.


dayf said...

The rule as written is flawed, as one of the posters pointed out. Someone like Ryan Howard shouldn't get cut. Frenchy's getting down toward ol' Mario territory too...

Now if the rule was:

If a player has over 100 at bats, and is not hitting above .200, AND THE BEST OUTFIELD PROSPECT IN THE MAJORS IS ROTTING AWAY IN TRIPLE-A BECAUSE DUSTY BAKER IS A DUMBASS the player should be instantly released off the team and his manager fired for playing him!

That rule, I could live with. Shoot the GM for signing Corey patterson as well.

Brads55sRedsCards said...

You provide the shotgun and I've got the shells! LOL

Unknown said...

Stats don't lie. Guys like Weathers and Patterson get moved and the winning percentage goes up. This team is very capable of having a great second half and turning this season around COMPLETELY. Yes, Dusty will need to dig into the stats himself, as you pointed out in his decisions yesterday, but this team is only a move or two away from being able to run over the Cubbies, who aren't as good as ESPN would have us to believe.

Seeing Weathers go would be a miracle...a blessing for sure. But why do you suppose there would be talk to get rid of Affeldt?

Weathers, Patterson, definitely. Affeldt, no way. Griffey, Dunn, no way. Arroyo, we can live without him for sure. Harang, better get some good ABLE body (or bodies) for him for sure. I'd rather see him stick around and have a hell of a second half.

I am in the Army. I spent all of last season in Iraq. I got to watch a total of two games last season. This season, I'm not in Iraq, but am stationed in Hawaii. I HAVE TO PAY FOR A SUBSCRIPTION on MLB.TV to watch the Reds games!!! That's disgust. To race home from work to catch the last three innings, see a lead, only to watch that disgusting David Weathers throw each and every outing he pitches in. Or see Dusty play his pal from his Chicago days Patterson who couldn't hit a softball off a tee. 

That is disgust. 

Dunn is not the problem. Yes, the guy strikes out a lot, but he gets on base and DOES drive in runs. National League: He is 13th in OPS at .900, tied for 4th with 21 home runs, is easily on pace to knock in over 100 RBI, has drew more walks than anyone else at 67, has the 13th highest OBP at .389, top 20 with a slugging % of .516, and on a sidenote: His fielding percentage is .967.

I repeat, Dunn is not the problem. The stats don't lie.

As for Junior. How can people turn on him like they have? The guy is still valuable, more than anyone is admitting. Everyone knows, if not for the injuries, we have the best baseball player in the history of the game. We all know that he was, is, and always will be the best. And even if you don't agree, you have him in the top ten OF ALL TIME. Have we forgotten what that means for a young ball club, to have an EXTRA SEASONED veteran, if not the best, one of the best, just for advice, instruction, encouragement? We need him. He is still HUNGRY. I mean come on, almost twenty MLB seasons and no championship ring? They guy wants one and would probably give a nut to get one. He is worth more than we can put a price tag on. Griffey IS NOT THE PROBLEM.

We can win while keeping Junior. Trading him is not the answer. It is not the answer. Yeah, he's only batting .240, yeah, and only hit 11 HR, but compare his stats to Derek Jeter. Aside from Jeter's .279 AVG, Griffey is ahead of him in every category. You don't see the Yankee fans demanding his trade. Chicago's Fukodome is batting .290, and is just slightly ahead of Junior in OPS, but Junior betters him in every other category. and the Cubbies are in 1st place. Arizona's Justin Upton's stats are almost identical to Junior's. And guess what. He is their everyday man still and they still are winning and in 1st place.

So I've given my two cents on what the problem ISN'T. So here's my two cents on what the problem IS.

#1 - Pitching - The declining quality of decision-making on the mound from Harang, Arroyo, and Cueto. While we can and SHOULD expect Cueto to make bad decisions while on the mound, he's a rookie, we should not see the same mistakes out of our two veteran hurlers. But this does not fall solely on them, it is a combination of the catchers and the pitching coaches not taking control when needed. The majority of the time it comes down to either a bad pitch, or a bad scouting report. But, with that said, Harang could be expendable, but there better be a move that actually HELPS THE TEAM have a good second half and do what this team is capable of.

#2 - Pitching - The absence of a 5th spot on the rotation. Belisle was given too many opportunities to turn it around and should have been sent down to AAA and converted to a bullpen pitcher much sooner. Dusty hit the nail on the head. He's okay until he's facing batters for the 2nd and 3rd time. Homer Bailey is turning into a certified dud, and Daryl Thompson just isn't ready. 

#3 - Pitching/Managerial - DAVID WEATHERS. The guy is a bum who has pulled the shades over lots of peoples' eyes for 18 years too long. Reds fans have consistently watched him give wins away all season long. The guy will never save 33 games again. He'll never save 33 out of 39 opportunities again. He is a waste and a downer for the team. Why hasn't he been released or traded? Why is he being paid $3.3 MIL? To keep the team in the cellar?

#4 - Patterson/Managerial - Bronson Arroyo has a higher OBP than Corey Patterson. He's hitting .188, the same as Jannish, which we expect from a rookie. Not from a guy who's been playing for 8 years. Since June 5th, after being recalled from AAA where he was sent to "find" his swing, he's 7 for 46. That's .152, and he's only accounted for 5 runs. Is that $3 MIL production? Is that what a MLB player is paid to do? CUT HIM.

Bottom line:

11th in NL scoring with 367. Which is descent, but could be much better. They're not hitting with RISP. For example, in the June 10th - June 19th homestand, they were 6-for-57 (.105) with runners in scoring position. They were 2 and 7 in that homestand and could have very easily won 3 of those games if not for choking with runners on the bags. And it's the same story of late, losing to the horrid Pirates now two straight. But, that also goes back to the pitching, since they gave up a total of 48 runs in those 7 games. But that's no excuse for hitting .105 with RISP. Those were games that could have been won.

5th in NL HR with 92. Out of the 4 teams who hit more: Florida, 1.5 games out of 1st place - Philadelphia, 1st place - Milwaulkee, 8.5 ahead of the Reds, and 4.5 out of 1st - and Chicago, 1st place. hmmm...

Defense - 5th in NL in Errors committed with 58. But the Diamondbacks have committed one more and are in 1st place, so this can be overcome.

So, in short. It's not because of Dunn or Junior. Trading them is not the answer. The answer is not just one statement, and it is not simple. But for starters, they can stop giving the ball to Weathers, take the bat out of Patterson's hands, strike fear in the heart of Dick Pole if his boys Arroyo and Harang aren't brought under control, maybe even look for a trade for one of them, if not both. With the offensive numbers put up by the team, if Arroyo and Harang can get their acts together, and Weathers is cut/traded/assassinated, then the team can have a great second half and get within striking distance of the playoffs. But it has to start soon, and it has to begin with the pitching.

Anonymous said...

I miss my random Reds. Where have you gone, Brad and Joe? At a time like this, we need you more than ever...

Anonymous said...


I think there are so many fans of true reds.