Monday, March 31, 2008

First Not Win

Cincinnati Reds

2 Runs on 3 hits

LP- Harrang 0-1

That other team

4 runs on 5 hits

WP - Webb 1-0
SV - Lyon (1)

2008 Reds
0 Wins
1 Not Wins

First Run Scored

Ken Griffey Jr.
Scored off of Triple by Phillips in 4th

First Triple

Brandon Phillips
Bottom of the 4th

First Hit

Jah Vee Valentin
Single in 3rd

First Punchout

Chris Young

First Pitch

2008 Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Lineup

Corey Patterson CF 2008 Topps Heritage Redesign by Me

Jeff Keppinger SS 2008 Upper Deck Series 1 No. 237

Ken Griffey Jr. RF 2006 Fleer Fleer Fabrics Game Used Jersey FF-KG

Brandon Phillips 2B 2007 Fleer Mini Die Cut No. 252

Adam Dunn LF 2006 Fleer Lumber Company LC-1

Edwin Encarnacion 3B 2008 Topps Heritage No. 25

Scott Hatteberg 1B 2006 Upper Deck No. 337

Javier Valentin C 2006 Topps Heritage No. 232

Aaron Harang P 2006 Upper Deck No. 121

Joes Random RedFro of the Day

1981 Topps Traded
No. 786 Rafael Landestoy

Dat's A Sexy! And the 'stache. How did Riverfront not have a record amount of swooning ladies?

It's the most wonderfull time of the year!


So I offer you the Greatest Professional Baseball Team
on 2008 Topps Opening Day Red Bordered Cardboard

No. 9 in the checklist and No. 1 in your heart:

No. 118 Brandon "Taco" Phillips
The Reds full caliber 2nd baseman.
Who denied starving students free tacos.
No. 144 Josh Hamilton
Now with the Texas American League baseball team
No. 153 Adam Dunn
I see 52 homers, 116 RBI, 100 runs and 182 strikeouts!
No. 176 Aaron Harang The Reds unsung hero.
The 200+K starter who does nothing but get people out.

I would like to thank Topps for finally finding a picture of Aaron that does not make him look pregnant or like Frankenstein. Here he is throwin dat stinkee chedduh.No. 218 Joey Votto RC
The Future!

Man it's gonna be a good year. Hard hitting outfield. Smooth hitting and fielding infield. Good pitching. A true closer.

We win the division in a one game playoff. At Great American Ballpark. Against the Chicago National League semi-pro baseball team. 2 - 0 on a Dunn home run in the ninth driving in Phillips. Kerry Wood retires after Lou Pinella asks for his job back with the Reds.

Reds sweep the Phillies in the shocker of all shockers Division Series battles.

Reds 4 games to 3 over the Braves in the National League Championship Series. Chipper breaks down and pulls an Adam Morisson crying in the dirt between short and third.

The American League refuses to play in the World Series for fear of embarrassment.
Just sayin'.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Joe's Random Die Cut Red No. 6

1998 Pacific Paramount
Team Checklist No. 7
Barry Larkin

In case you have not noticed I do not have many die cut cards of players other than Barry Larkin. This is a neat-o card in my book. Barry rounding third, taking it easy after a Willie Greene home run. Enough blue foil to qualify for Pacific insert card. The crossed bats making it a borderline oddball card.

A Full Reds Team Set of

1981 Topps Coca-Cola
Reds Team Set

Header CardNo. 1 Johnny Bench
No. 2 Dave Collins
No. 3 Dave Concepcion
(But everyone knows it's Davey)

No. 4 Dan Driessen
No. 5 George Foster
No. 6 Ken Griffey (The Original)
No. 7 Tom Hume
No. 8 Ray Knight
No. 9 Ron Oester
No. 10 Tom Seaver
No. 11 Mario Soto
What do I like about these card? For starters I did not buy this set until 2006 for the first time. Even though the only difference between this set and the regular 1981 Topps set is the Coke logo on front and the card numbers I just never got it. I finally picked up an unopened cello team pack for under three dollars in June of 06. I am glad I did.
Second this set is a parallel of the set that got me started on collecting. Not the best overall design but still good.
Third. It's the Reds. Nuff said.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Nothing to do with the Reds

But this guy deserves some love for calling out ol Dayf at the Cardboard Junkie
Todays post is epic. I have never heard of Bad Girls Club since I do not own a television but that is too freegin funny not to share.

Click this for one of the funniest sites out there

Big thanks for New York Mets Cards for having this link so I can see the New York semi pro National League baseball team / Braves love fest all year round.

The Atlanta Find

Back in early 2006 after a delivery to the Atlanta metro area I stopped off for fuel and some eats. That's when this guy pulled into the lot:

He had a winning smile and plenty of cards for sale. How did I know he was legit?
When you wear socks like this I know you have mad business skills. He probably had Def Leopard blasting in the van on the way to the Flying J. Seems the dealer needed money to buy candy as he had none I saw. That is when I confirmed that the Cincinnati Test Issue was actually in more than one area. The dealer showed me a great selection of rare inserts and asked what team was NOT my favorite. A smile crept across his face as he handed me the second greatest find off my adult life (JStar being the first).

2005 Topps Die Cut Atlanta Test Issue
All cards are 1 / 1
How lucky can one guy get? Two 1 of 1 finds of regional test issues in under two months? This is what make America so great. No matter were you are, there is always a Mets hater nearby. Thank you Mr. Mobile Baseball Card Dealer!

For the Braves fans (all 4) out there

Who's your 30 / 30 guy?
Who's your 40+ HR, 100 RBI guy?

Random Red for March 28 in the AM

1998 Pacific Online
No. 194 Ricardo Jordan

The internet is AMAZING! You can get online and see stuff like this or even this! Yeah!

Joe's Random Die Cut Red No. 5

1992 Seven-11
No. 13 Barry Larkin
Linticular Motion Card

A genuine die cut card that shows young Mr. Larkin as both a happy smiling chap and ending a swing to drive in a run. And yes. This is considered a die cut card by no less an expert on collecting than me.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just Noticed This

I have been scanning in Reds cards and noticed this for the first time:
2006 Bazooka Rewind Game Used Relic Cards
BR-RWA Ryan Wagner Jersey
BR-WB2 William Bergolla Jersey
BR-WB William Bergolla Futures Game Jersey of 100 Made
I really did not care for the design when I first saw them. Still don't but I like the fact they put some thought into making them match up like this. Kinda like a five year old with a feather. I am amused and smiling.

Random Red for March 27 in the AM

Hey Brads55:
Look what I got!2006 Topps Co-Signers
No. 95 A Ken Griffey Jr. / Austin Kearns
Changing Faces Silver Gold
4 / 5


Joe's Random Die Cut Red No. 4

For today's viewing pleasure we have:

2000 Crown Royale
No. 37 Barry Larkin
Platinum Blue

I am a fan of almost anything Pacific. They have cool die cuts. So much foil you can use them to tan with. Low serial numbering. 4,237 parallels per each base card. Corked bat relics from Planet Man Ram. They just had it going on.
This die cut is problematic in a way. Not easy to store in pages as it slips around easily. The crown can crimp or chip if not handled properly. But it shows that the Reds are the royalty of baseball.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Full Reds Team Set of

2003 Upper Deck 40 Man

No. 713 Josias Manzanello
No. 714 Ken Griffey Jr.
No. 715 Jimmy Haynes
No. 716 Felipe Lopez
No. 717 Jimmy Anderson
No. 718 Ryan Dempster
No. 719 Russell Branyan
No. 722 Felix Heredia
No. 723 Scott Sullivan
No. 724 Danny Graves
No. 725 Kent Merker
No. 726 Barry Larkin
No. 727 Jason LaRue
No. 728 Gabe White
No. 729 Adam Dunn
No. 730 Brandon Larson
No. 731 Reggie Taylor
No. 732 Sean Casey
No. 733 Scott Williamson
No. 734 Austin Kearns
No. 735 Kelly Stinnett
No. 736 Ruben Mateo
No. 737 Wily Mo Pena
No. 799 Adam Dunn 40 Man All StarsNo. 844 Ken Griffey Jr. UD Top 40 Subset No. 944 John Hall New Releases Subset
No. 978 Cincinnati Reds Team Checklist
Aaron Boone and Reggie Taylor on front