Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brads Random Red #56

2006 SP Legendary Cuts
When It Was a Game Silver
Ken Griffey Sr. #WG-KG (70/75)
2005 Upper Deck Classics
Classic Materials
Ken Griffey Sr. #MA-KG

Alright. Since I'm obviously slackin hardcore I thought I'd give a double slap in the face at ol' Joe the supposed loser Indians fan. But hey, I guess he needed a American League team to take on my A's. So that's cool.
Back to the items at hand. Here are two cards that I love. I had almost passed up on one of them as I thought they were the same card (going off of memory that is). I decided to get the other Griffey figuring if it is a dupe it would be sent to Joe for XMAS. Well as it turns out they just closely resemble each other.
The SP Legendary Cuts card on the right shows his afro stickin' out the bottom of his helmet and a fresh look on his face. Where as the UD Classics card shows a bit aged and bewildered look. I just love the look of these two cards side by side!
Mahalo and Aloha, Brad

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Joe is an Indians fan

More will be explained in the new year. The Indians rocked.

Proof the Mets are worse than that Chicago team

All I have to say is quit crying and drop by the Natti and watch a real team. And not with these fans.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Please practice safe rock

This is what happens when you rock out with your brain out:

Must be a New York National League Team "fan".

Kearns! Baby! Kearns!

Thought I might throw in one of my favorite cards.
2003 Donruss Diamond Kings
Beckett Sample Card

These cards were included in Beckett Baseball back in Aught 3. If you were like me and bought from a newsstand or bookstore you always got there after some punk had ripped opened the plastic on all the magazines to take the cards. So this one was found on the bay by Bay Rat about a month ago. For sale by someone who had 53 others. Wonder how he got them?
This is my favorite year of Diamond King. The bright colors for the set. No dark borders foreshadowing Donruss' leaving baseball. The smile on Austin as his future looks good. Even the final season patch for Riverfront Stadium.

Here is something Austin does not as often but well. A three run shot off the Rockies. Notice how pissed the pitcher is?

When the World Wide Interweb


We were given this treat of a set:
1998 Pacific Online

The idea was to get you to Pacific's site and "amaze" you with stats and cool stuf from Pacific. Did not work to well from what I can tell. The cards are still here but Pacific is not.

Overall the design is pretty tame by 90's standards. No flash. No see through.
A good clean action shot on each card. The small amount of foil for the palyer name. The card name taking up too much space. Overall I like the set because of the photos and colors. Plus the Reds logo helps out.

185 Stan Belinda
186 Aaron Boone
187 Brett Boone
188 Brook Fordyce
189 Willie Greene
190 Pete Harnish
191 Lenny Harris
192 Mark Jackson
193 Damien Jackson
194 Ricardo Jordan
195 Barry Larkin
196 Eduardo Perez
197 Pokey Reese
198 Mike Remlinger
199 Reggie Sanders
200 Jeff Shaw
201 Chris Stynes

202 Scott Sullivan
203 Eddie Taubensee
204 Brett Tomko
205 Pat Watkins
206 David Weathers
207 Gabe White
208 Scott Winchester
209 Barry Larkin on the Reds Checklist

And don't try the websites on top. They no longer work. Kinda like the Cubs in the postseason. Sounds good in theory.

Some unknowns

And another known

From 2007 SP Letterman we have:

Jared Burton
72 / 75

Jon Coutlangus (Coot - Lang - Us)
50 / 55

Who named this guy? Could his parents not have said Cout is good enough?

And Mr. Bobblehead himself
Bronson Arroyo
17 / 75

And award for worst scans goes to:

20o5 Donruss Elite!

Nice cards but a pain to try and scan. Here are your 2005 Reds cards from this set:

47 Adam Dunn

Look at Dunn as he smashes a single to right off of Glavine!
The pure joy off not striking out this time so evident!

48 Austin Kearns

The anticipation of Kearns at the plate as he gets ready to test Frenchies arm. Frenchy looses if you did not know.

49 Barry Larkin

Barry taking his time on some dribbler from an unnamed Chicago National League team because they just stink.

51 Sean Casey

Look at Casey slap a double to right to score Dunn.

52 Ken Griffey Jr.
And as we all watch in awe at another Titanic Tater from Jooooooonnyaaaaaaa he slowly drops the pine and begins his trot around the quadrangle.

And what set is complete without a parallel?

Turn of the Century
128 / 750

Good News, Bad News

Good News: Cubs still suck.

Bad news: My company found out I have no classes during the Christmas season. Shocker! So I will be gone until the first. I will try to update from the road.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year to all. May all your card dreams come true!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A 4 Star Review!

Recent review of my soon to be Pulitzer winning Rainbow post:

You son of a b****

Thanks goes out to Brads55 of The Bench for such a stunning and well deserved review.

As for his fellow Benchies who sent these two soon to be drooled upon cards I hope I can get five ***** from you guys.

1983 Fleer
Hand signed by the Reds Player/Gods themselves

Mario Soto
The premier Reds pitcher of the 80's according to a certain Red's fan. Not that I can blame him. Who else besides Mario had the fro and the heat at the same time for nearly a decade with the Reds?

Mike Vail
Never played much that I can remember due to injury and part timer status. Thanks to the New York National League team and Chicago National League team for leting this guy go so I could have a HAND SIGNED 1983 FLEER! Of Mike Vail. Outfielder. REDS.

Mario is a liar

I thought I was dealing with this guy:

Instead I find I am dealing with this guy:

This is direct quote from that guy in South Florida:
He was sending me a package of Reds cards:
"including a game-used Dunn"

After going through over 200 Harangs, Phillips, Tim Costos, Joonyahs, A Bergollia, some Wagners, Bench's, Morgan's, Perezez and oodles more I find this:
2008 UD Spectrum
Retrospectum Swatches
RS-CA1 Sean "The Mayor" Casey

Celebrating his return to a cold weather climate and getting away from those stinkin Marlins. Sure Salt Lake is only AAA (like the Marlins), but the Bees are in the playoffs year in and year out. Unlike the Marlins year and 8 years out.

I will dismantle this box sent card by awe inspiring Reds card later. I have to put the Larkin game used sent upon the altar of Reds Gods in the front room. Visitors welcome.

Thank you goes out to Eric and Liar, Liar. Tatiana's on Fire!

Brads Random Red #55

2008 Topps Moments & Milestones
Autographs Brandon Phillips #BP
2006 Bowman Signs of the Future
RC Autograph Jay Bruce #JB

Lets kick this Reunion off with a Bang! A double shot of two of my favorite current players on the team! Both have killer Auto's and I think these cards are just awesome!
Do you agree?
You bet your azz you do!
Great to be back!

Mahalo and Aloha, Brad

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The world is gonna end!

Ron Santo did not get into the Hall of Fame!



Get over it. He played for the Chicago National League Choke Squad. Less of them in the Hall the better.

Why is this guy not in?
2002 Topps Archives
No. 154 Dave Concepcion

Perennial All-Star.
The best double play pivot of the mid 70's to mid 80's.
Team leader on the field.
More hits than Santo.
Survived a tumble the dryer thanks to Pete Rose.

This is a travesty that must be remedied.

Thanks to a Benchie for providing a great card.

Paging A's Fan

Lousy, stinking A's fan.

Your blog is calling.

Taste the Rainbow

Just don't complain about the sticky gloss coating your tongue making bubbles hard to blow.

I jumped into the fray in Fontana, CA, recently and walked into a "Grand Opening Sale" at a new card shop while in town. Big mistake.
No bargain boxes full of needed cards.
No glass cases full of awesome cards.
No mystery bags full of 1994 Fleer and 92 Donruss.

Just loads and loads of Dodgers cards and stuff. Raiders cards and stuff. USC stuff. Angels stuff and a few cards.
It felt like I walked into a love fest for my former NL West opponents and anything SoCal related. But no Padres stuff for some reason.

Seeing the disappointed look upon my red cheeked face, the behind the counter help (think way too hot Mexican girl for a card shop) asked if she could help. I said nice store, but no Reds cards in view. With a smile she pointed to a dark dusty corner. Feeling like Ohio Joe on a quest for the Crystal Reds Cards, I smiled and stumbled over. Freekin Dodgers throw rugs. Who buys anything Dodgers? People too ashamed to admit they are A's fans? Just guessin.

Behold the power unleashed when the box was shown the light of day!

2000 Topps Gold Label
Class 1

No. 33 Barry Larkin
It looks like he is gazing upon another homer like I gaze upon him.

No. 41 Calvin "Pokey" Reese
Clap! Clap! ClapClapClap!

No. 50 Ken Griffey Jr.
Look at the smile as he trots into the outfield during a "down year" in 2000.
How I wish I had the magical home run power of the backwards Reds cap.

No. 58 Sean Casey
The only known photo of The Mayor not puffing his cheeks after a hit combined with the puffed cheeks photo. Classic!

But what else did the Box of Crystal Reds cards hold?

2000 Topps Gold Label
Class 2

No. 33 Barry Larkin
Making an All-Time Greats caliber throw to Casey at first for a sure out against the Marlins.

No. 41 Calvin "Pokey" Reese
Looking for a way to block any trades that make the Reds better.

No. 50 Ken Griffey Jr.
It may be Spring Training but he looks good while fielding.

No. 58 Sean Casey
The Mayor! What more needs to be said?

But what dangers lurk in the back of the box?

2000 Topps Gold Label
Class 3

No. 33 Barry Larkin
The danger of being mobed at the plate by the Reds and plowed by the Mayor on May 7, 1999.

No. 41 Calvin "Pokey" Reese
The danger of playing for the Pirates soon.

No. 50 Ken Griffey Jr.
The danger of overextending the tongue to the point of damaging a hamie.

No. 58 Sean Casey
The Mayor! What more needs to be said? Especially on May 7, 1999!

And as a bonus I found this card:
The Treasury
T1 Ken Griffey Jr.


Not only was I able to get the full run of 2000 Gold Label for under 4 dollars and change but I got a great insert with a gap under the name and card bottom. What up wit dat? I wonder if I fold it like a dollar bill if I can see Wrigley Field burning after another Cubs choke on the back?

And I got a Dodger throw rug. For the dog to sleep on.