Monday, June 30, 2008

1981 Reds Love Fest

I kick start the week with this gem of a set:
1981 Topps Reds Team Set

The 1981 baseball season is, unfortunately, best remembered for the ten-week players' strike that canceled 713 games and put America through a disorientating summer. The players' union walked out because the league's owners, worried about rising salaries, were trying to cut back on free agency.

Major league baseball eventually resumed, but under an unpopular "split-season" format. According to the format, those teams in first place before the strike began were declared first-half winners. The teams that finished atop their divisions after the strike would be declared second-half winners. The first-half winners would then play the second-half winners in divisional playoffs.

The format garnered more playoff revenue for the league, but it turned out to be an unfair and embarrassing creation. Cincinnati and St. Louis, the National League teams with the best overall records, didn't even make the playoffs.

This is the set that kick started it all. Made me the totally RAD guy I am today.
It all started with No. 600. The Johnny Bench. Greatest. Catcher. EVUH.

The team set starts out with Tom Hume standing alongside 2 of the best closers of the decade. And wearing less facial hair. What up Hume?

Next is Ron Oester showing off the shiny new batting helmet bought to make players happy enough not to strike.

Hector Cruz laughs. Why? Someone just said the Atlanta team was good.

Doug Bair doing what Doug Bair did best. Waiting to come in and make a save.

Harry Spillman ready for the weak grounder from some scrub named Horner on that Atlanta team.

Charlie Liebrandt in the windup that won ONE game in 1981. But he shares the same birthday as me. October 4.

Joe Nolan. Backup catcher No. 459 during the Late Johnny Bench years slaps a double off of Rick Reuschel of that Chicago National League team.

Dave Collins doing his best not to laugh at Reuschel.

George Foster. BAD. ASS.

Johnny Bench. Best. Catcher. EVUH. Record setting home run swing for most HR by a catcher in a lifetime. 58 year veteran Carlton Fisk later broke it. But it took 58 years.

Tom Seaver delivering another K to Rock rains. Notice the fluid motion of the delivery. How every part of his body is well balanced and centered.

Joe Price in motion to slide some stanky chedduh by the Cryin' Cubs "batter."

Ken Griffey. Senior. Can you get much cooler than this photo? Well, one man can.

Ray Knight laughing after being told the Chicago National League Guaranteed to Choke baseball team will make the playoffs.

Mario Soto smiling cause he knows J.T. is gonna try for a sweet fro like his. And fail.

Dave Concepcion ready to sow why he was known for his defense. Why this man is not in the Hall of Fame ranks up there with the injustice done to Dale Murphy. I can only shake my head.

Cesar Geronimo. Stealer. Of bases. Quick. And soon off to another team.

Tom Hume finishing his strikeout. Notice he is not like Marlins pitchers and looking at the outfield.

Junior Kennedy warming up.

Mike LaCoss. Not as bad as his 1989 Topps. That has got to be one of the greatest/worst photos ever.

Frank Pastore laughing because the photographer is a New York National League baseball fan. And admits it in public.

Paul Moskau after a night out with Mickey, Whitey and Billy.

ALL-STAR. Johnny Bench. Nuf Said.

Reds Future Stars. None stared. Bruce Berenyi looks lost or high. Geoff Combe was just asked if he was annoyed. Paul Hoseholder just saw something shiny. Might be a refractor prototype.

Vic Correll. Backup catcher No. 873 in the late Johnny Bench years.

Dan driessen ready to take the throw from Davey to get out that traitor Joe Morgan of the Giants.


Hope you enjoyed these cards. I know I did.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brads Random Red #54

2007 Upper Deck Spectrum
Aaron Harang #67

Another plain base card of Harang? Yup! Spectrum was a pretty good release in 07. Diamond patters rock! LOL

Mahalo and Aloha, Brad

Brads Random Red #53

2007 Topps Chrome
Aaron Harang #49

Yup, a plain ol' boring base card. I really like this one though. Big fan of the Topps Chrome series. Really makes the plain Topps cards POP!

Mahalo and Aloha, Brad

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Magenta Harang Plate 2



2008 Bowman
No. 58 Aaron Harrang
Magenta Press Plate
1 / 1

Not sure what happened in shipping of this plate. The smear looks worse on the scan than on the plate.

I have the press plate of this card but not the card itself so I cannot talk about how good it looks. That is a given with the fact it is a member of the Vaunted Cincinnati Reds.
Aaron Harang.
Mater of the Mound.
Strikeout Artist.
Thrower of Radio Balls.

Notice the delivery that made Derrek Lee have doubts last season of a comeback. Hard throwing and light partying Harrang demands respect. Even when he is Magenta.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Harang Week Kicks Off

Today we have one of those cards you either love or hate.

2007 Ultra
No. 42 Aaron Harrang
Press Plate Magenta
1 / 1

Notice the perfect balance on the delivery.
The glove hand dead center.
The shoulders square.
The left foot planted for maximum torque.
The grip on the sure fire strike coming at Ryan Howard.

You gotta appreciate the fact that Aaron Harang is pictured in action and not looking like a Hollywood monster on any Topps card.

I was able to get this for about twelve dollars on ebay a few weeks ago thanks to my little lady keeping an eye out for me while I was on the road.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Brads Random Red #52

2008 Finest Gold
Adam Dunn #13 (38 of 50)

And off the top ropes is another boring Bam Bam. Many people love this set as its popular on the Bench but I hate it! Just a touche' to the Mouth of the South ~

Mahalo and Aloha, Ultimate Braddior

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bam Bam Club Bad Cards!

Sure Bam Bam Dunn
looks harmless in this:
2005 Studio
10 / 15

But Dunn wields that bat like a
steel chair in the hands of this man:
A true master of his craft.

Bam Bam takes that bat to the bodies
of all those with the Ultimate Braddior.

With the backing of The Donkey Punch Express and
Crazy Eyes Claussen's Fast Ball Claw
he has nothing to fear.

Not even a twenty foot aluminum ladder swung
by the Hulkster can stop the
Smackdown on Braddiors /99 cards.

The carnage as the Kearns Spectrum Patch
card holds up a hand to plead for mercy.

Kick to the shoulder.

Griffey's SPx card tries to slide under
the bottom rope.

Leg grabbed by the Big Donkey.

Griff's hat knocked forward by the
club Bam Bam wields with .250 avg. skills
and 40+ home run power.

Boone cries as Crazy Eyes and Bam Bam
team up on him in the corner.

One devestating body slap afer another.

All I have to say Jimmy is that it's over.

Brads55's mom is singing.

The Ultimate Braddior can take out
all those patches and try to plug the wounds.

Cause that's all he can do while Bam Bam,
The Donkey Punch Express and Crazy Eyes Claussen
celebrate as the confetti rains down on them.

And Mouth of the South Salt Lake
celebrates his first Smackdown victory.

Brads Random Red #51

2005 Upper Deck Reflections
Austin Kearns Purple #98 (68/99)
Ken Griffey Jr. #28 (25/99)

The two super powers form an unstoppable duo known only as the Cincywhackers. Here you have the incredible Reflections set with two different color parallels that have the same print run of 99? Yup, oddly enough a true statement! So the double clothesline, a bite in the ass, tip toe over to a bite in yer nose, watch for the flying elbow, to the running head battering ram and the double knee drop! Thats a 1-2-3. Whatcha got now Mouth?

Mahalo and Aloha, Ultimate Braddior

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brads Random Rant #8

~ MY 50th RANDOM RED ~

It's the Donkey Punch Express!

Hoooo Myyyyyyyyyyyyy!

It's the tag team combo of the Donkey Punch Express!

Dunn takes on one time mentor Griffey!
2005 Finest No. 95
Gold Refractor
43 / 49

The Mayor takes on dark sider Kearns!
2005 Finest No. 122
Gold Refractor
14 / 49

Dunn and Casey show no indication that they are gonna take it easy on the Pork Chop Express.

Both Griff and Kearns are down in the middle of the ring!

What's this!!!!!!!

The Donkey Punch Express are climbing all 4 feet to the top of the chain link fence!


It's a massacre!
Kearns is lying still.
Griffey is moving a little!

Only one thing to say as the
Donkey Punch Express dances around
a cold cocked Griffey / Kearns combo
and a stunned Boone:


Brads Random Red #50

2007 Upper Deck Spectrum
Limited Patches
Austin Kearns #AK (43/50)

Yup, its exactly as it looks. Kearns just couldn't take the fact that Claussen is on his team so after a short deliberation with the Warrior (and a paid vacation of course) he trades over to dark side! As a matter of fact, when The Mouth of the South Salt Lake reads this it will be news to him as well. SO EAT THAT JIMMY!


Mahalo and Aloha, Ultimate Braddior

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brads Random Rant #7

Mahalo and Aloha, Brad

Brads Random Red #49

2007 SPX Winning Materials
Limited Gold Patch Edition
Ken Griffey Jr. #KG (7/99)

What's this folks? Boone tags in Griffey to take on Austin Kearns? What is this madness? Well its a BEAUTY of a Patch with 5 Color Breaks in total. And its also numbered /99. Ultimate Braddior will have another post tonight to take on that sucka from anotha motha Claussen! Claussen??? Yeah, a 1/1. But come on.... Claussen??? I just threw up in my mouth a little. And magenta? Jimmy, the Sissy, Hart!


Mahalo and Aloha, Ultimate Braddior

After some detective work and a Scooby Snack

I uncovered an ancient Topps Shenanigan!

It seems my fellow bloggers are up in arms over
supposed "SP" and wrong player madness with Topps.
Or them just screwing with set builders and team collectors.

Well feast your eyes on this:

1987 Topps
No. 101 Carl Willis

Seems someone from Topps found a street urchin
wandering around outside
Ed Smith Stadium.

Not only that but it appears said "player" has
worn the jersey for so long all plastic lettering has come off
and the hat is changing colors. And shrunk.
Notice we are not subject to the blue jean shorts
said "player" is wearing.

Why is that Topps? Why is that?!

This ranks right up there with the "Batboy" card.

Shame on you Topps.


Another card from The Bench Traders.

Thanks to The Bench

I learned something today. I was never the greatest at chemistry but I am a quick learner.

Today's lesson was:

Add Jeff Spicoli and a stoner van


and you have:
Hey Bud! Let's play ball!

All Kelly needs is a cool diamond and a tasty hot dog.

It looks like Mr. Paris spent a little too much time at the Van Halen concert with Jeff after helping save Brooke Shields from drowning and not enough paying attention to Mr. Hand.

Can You Smell What the Rat is Cooking!

Coming in from over the top!

Off the caution barricade!

2006 Topps
No. 159 Brandon Claussen
Magenta Press Plate
1 / 1

Like a bolt of beefcake lightning Claussen comes in to pound some more on an over matched Aaron Booooooooooone. Why can't Boone recapture the extra inning home run to beat the Red Sox magic? He is being beat own like a sad clown.

The crazy eyes of Claussen!

The "Fast Ball Claw"

Fear the Claw! Fear it Braddior!

How much more punishment can Aaron take?
The above card was provided by
the Mouth of the South Salt Lake's Fan Section on the Bench Trading.
Thanks to all the people who parted ways with their
cardboard treasures to help me rebuild.

There will be some more cards in the beatdown of ht e Braddior coming!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Mouth Brings It!


From out of no where! Can you believe it?!
The Ultimate Braddior is in serious trouble!
2008 SPx
Austin Kearns
Winning Materials Rare Patch Parallel 1
WM-AK 94 / 99

The card you didn't expect!

Bam! Boone is head butted into the corner!

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

How can Boone take the
punishment from a three dollar card?

No! Not the Atomic Piledriver!

Wait! It's the Junk Yard Dog Thump!

It's a slaughter!
Kids are crying! Red's fans are in shock!

Who will come to the battered Boone's defense?
Is there a card that is man enough
to take on the Killer K's?

The Mouth of the South Salt Lake is loving the rampage.

Shout Out to My Bloggin Homie

I am gonna give a little pub to a good guy. He has an interseting site that highlights the other form of sports cards.
I know! I know!
"Joe. This is a baseball card blog! What up with the football cards?"

This man among football card collectors sent me this:
2003 Fleer Genuine Insider
Doooooooooooooooooossssssssssssss McAllister
Genuine Article Insider
Game Used Jersey

I didn't know what was better. Remembering watching Deuce break one or the thousands of fans singing along to the Popeye's commercials in the Dome.
Love that Chicken from Popeye's.
Love that chicken from Pop ha ha highs!

Thanks Tony! Great blog and keep it up.

Brads Random Red #48

2005 Prime Patches
Major League Materials
Jersey Number Patch
Aaron Boone #16 (46/53)

Go Hard or Go Home??? Well I wasn't sure when I was gonna break this bad boy out but here you go. I present to you one of my very favorite Patches in my collection! Now most of my corner patches I consider kind of lame as it shows more jersey than patch. But this one and its Red Patch with a White Outline and a Red Stripe to boot. Simply breathtaking!
Now some personal business with Mouth of the South Salt Lake
I laughed the entire 6 minutes! A MUST SEE! Plus it explains the above rant.

Mahalo and Aloha, Ultimate Braddior

Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Card. Small Number.

Brad v. Joe
99 Smackdown
There will be blood.
There will be tears.
There will be Reds cards.

You take two of the premier (at least I am)
Reds collectors and put them in this:
(No laughs. We are working on a small budget here.)

and we find out who has the
toughest cardsnumbered to 99 or less.

The first pugilist in this
War by the Shore (of the Great Salt Lake) is:

2007 Ultimate
Star Materials Patch / Autograph
4 / 5

That's right fans!
Number four.

Not only do you have a bad scan of a great card, but you have Austin unleashing the cannon on a dumber than dumb Alfonso Soriano of the Chicago National League baseball choke artists. The arm that makes third base coaches tremble, base runners cower and those with weak hearts faint! There is only one type of cannon that compares to Austin:
Compares. I did not say as powerful as.

The multi-color patch taken off the jersey of the man who makes Braves stop at first and shake their heads. Cause any other right fielder and it would have been a stand up double. Triple if the guys nickname is Frenchy.

The signature that flows. Large A.Small u. The swooping T. Large K. Then the superstar squiggle line to end it all.

So. What you got Brad? What Chihuahua of a card do you have that can stack up to the powerhouse I, Joe "Mouth of the South Salt Lake" Cuevas, has unleashed in this epic battle of Reds cards?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Brads Random Red #47

1999 Metal Universe
Sean Casey #129

I'm also a big fan of the Metal Universe series! Even the base cards look sweet!

Mahalo and Aloha, Brad

Brads Random Red #46

2004 Diamond Kings
Austin Kearns #64

I really like this design. Very nostalgic!

Mahalo and Aloha, Brad

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Brads Random Red #45

1986 Topps

Pete Rose #2-7

Yeah, I know. Only base cards here. But I was finally able to put together the set and thought I'd post them up. I think they should do this with several players today that have had many years in the bigs! Quick, someone call Upper Deck!

Mahalo and Aloha, Brad

Friday, June 13, 2008

Brads Random Red #44

1995 Summit Nth Degree

Bret Boone #59

I absolutely love the Nth degree parallels. Better than a refractor if you ask me ... any day!

Mahalo and Aloha, Brad

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brads Random Red #43

2000 Fleer Fresh Ink

Sean Casey Autograph #CS

Joe Loves them Sean Casey's so here ya go buddy! I'm not expecting you back on the site until the 15th so I'll hold the fort in the meanwhile! And since Joe had mentioned he likes the special moniker added to the Austin Kearns he has I thought you readers might appreciate this. I won't post the pic on this site in respect to Joe talkin' trash when he gets back so here's a link to it. It's a beauty and well worth the look. Dennis Eckersley Auto w/ "92 CY/MVP" also inscribed under his signature. Glad to be back everybody!

Mahalo and Aloha, Brad

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Joe Likey

When is the last time you saw a good autograph card? Not a Braves player. One that has actual value.
I saw this one:
2004 SP Authentic
SP Chirography Silver Duo Toned
07 / 30

and had to get it. It has a good overall design. The colors work well. It's kind of hard to mess up Black and White. But throw in a dash of Reds and you have an award winner. Simple. Yet effective. A large enough area for an on card signature with the players name faded. I like that. But when was the last time you saw an inscription? Besides the nickname sets I can't really remember any. And that is what makes this card not an average, shiny card. I have yet to figure out what the 27 RBI and 5 / 03 mean but it must be good if Upper Deck wanted it on there.
Don't get me wrong. I like sticker autos as well. Just not enough rom on most for the signature and something like this.

Brads Random Red #42





6-9-2008 vs M. Hendrickson (Fish)



YEAR 2000

HRs 399-438

2000 Crown Royale

Ken Griffey Jr. #36

YEAR 2001

HRs 439-460

2001 Stadium Club Beam Team

Ken Griffey Jr. #BT9 (279/500)

YEAR 2002

HRs 461-468

2002 Ultra Team Players

Ken Griffey Jr. #237 (w/ Dunn)

YEAR 2003

HRs 469-481

2003 Donruss Elite Career Best

Ken Griffey Jr. #AT-27

YEAR 2004

HRs 482-501

2004 Donruss Craftsmen

Ken Griffey Jr. #C5 (1,116/2,000)

YEAR 2005

HRs 502-536

2005 Classic Clippings Press Clippings

Ken Griffey Jr. #6PC

YEAR 2006

HRs 537-563

2006 Flair Showcase Field Box

Ken Griffey Jr. #140 (SP)

YEAR 2007

HRs 564-593

2007 Topps Triple Threads Red

Ken Griffey Jr. #13 (1,248/1,350)

YEAR 2008

HRs 594-600+

2008 Topps Opening Day Flapper Card

Ken Griffey Jr. #FC-KG

Well Sorry for such a long hiatus and I hope you enjoyed my come back! Wouldn't have gone so extreme and spent 2-3 hours on this (finding, pulling, scanning, photobucketing, blogging, phew-ing) if it weren't for Joe calling me out on having to post my boy for his accomplishment. Especially since I haven't done so already! So what I chose to do is gone through all of my non-g/u and autos and selected some of my favorite Griffey's for each year to spotlight his journey. I'm not allowed to post cards of that Seattle based team or I'd have spotlighted each year of his journey (and this is the first and last time I'll thank you for that, cause I'm beat lol). I hereby pledge to try to the best of my ability to post a card a night as often as possible.

Mahalo and Aloha, Brad