Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brads Random Red #60

1963 Topps (RC) & 1964 Topps
In Person Autographs
Jim Campbell

Crazy but brief.... I am the drafter/architect/estimator for my jobsite here in Hawaii. Well the place that I order my light fixtures at so happens to be the son of Jim Campbell. I've known his son through my company for the past few years and a xmas or two ago I gave him all the cards of his father that were released (about 12). Well I get a package a week later with signed cards and 8x10s. A month later I meet this hot blonde and we start dating. Turns out her Godfather is Jim Campbell's son. Small world/smaller island. Well a couple months later the relationship dies out and things haven't been quite the same at work with the business relationship with the son. Doh! Still got these sweet cards though!
4th Up...
Mahalo and Aloha, Brad


Bay Rat North West said...

That's why you don't mess with us ex catchers!

Dan said...

Oh, those are nice!