Friday, December 12, 2014

A full Reds Team Set

A Full Reds Team Set Of.....

1995 Topps DIII

Topps D3 was one of the card "crazes" that started with Kellog's 3-D in the 70's and was foisted upon the consumer over the decades that no one really liked. Kellog's off and on until the 1980's. Sportflics for a few years from 85-91. Topps in 1969.

These D3 cards are much thicker than a standard baseball card. Not as thick as a patch relic card but close. And the colors are a bit more subdued but varied than regular Kellog's cards. This allows for a full action shot to be seen. Not the standard portrait or small photo in a small area in previous lenticular cards of the past. Not a very collectable set. The only reason I have them, besides being a Reds collector, is they appeared in various Reds lots I have bought over the past few years. So here is the three card set:

33 Barry Larkin

38 Jose Rijo

48 Brett Boone

This is not one of those set people look for in PSA 10. If they even know it exists. 
Happy Collecting!

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