Saturday, September 29, 2007

Card 2

Today we visit with a future 500 Home Run Club Member.
Adam Dunn.
The card I have selected is the 2003 Topps Chrome 51 Topps Fly Out Jersey Card.
I picked this card up 2 weeks ago at a local (40 miles away is the closest) card shop. For 3 dollars and trade of some commons to help the dealer complete his and my 2007 Fleer sets. So don't be affraid to barter. The sticker had 8 dollars on it.

This is a fun card. The cool design we see too little of because Mickey Mantle was in the 52 series and not 51. The cartoon players that look like I drew. The fly out instead of a strikeout is nice. The laid back smile and attitude shown by Adam. The factoid on the front. It lets me know he is destined to become a great Reds player and will produce an MVP season right after he is traded. Just like Frank. The jersey he wore when Griffey, Larkin, Kearns, Casey, LaRue and the gang mob him at the plate for bashing the the game winner.
The reason I metion Dunn will be a future 500 HR Club member is his striking simularities to Reggie Jackson's career.
Reggie 1968 - 553 AB, 82 Runs, 138 Hits, 74 RBI, 29 HR in his first full season.
Dunn 2002 - 535 AB, 84 runs, 133 Hits, 71 RBI, 26 Hr in his first full season.
Adam only had 170 SO compaired to Reggie's whopping 171.
After 7 seasons:
Reggie: 833 Runs, 858 Hits, 537 RBI, 189 HR, . 253 BA, 889 SO
Dunn: 620 Runs, 833 Hits, 572 RBI, 238 HR, .248 BA, 1,092 SO
Sure Adam strikes out more. However, he has not had the talent backing him up that Reggie did in Oakland in the 70's. Therefore not as many runs scored or hits. But, his HR toatals and RBI totals far outway Reggie.
That is why I want to see Adam come to the plate, bang his bat on the ground and yell "Bam Bam!" before each pitch. He has made listening to the Reds on the Radio a lot of fun the past 2 years. Cause you never know if its a homer or a slow walk back to the dugout.


jinaz said...


Just adding to your point about Dunn and Jackson's similarities, Baseball-reference lists Jackson as Dunn's #3 comp through age 26, along with Darryl Strawberry and Jose Canseco. -j

--David said...

Love the blog! I think write-ups about particular team's cards are a great way to show support!! :-) Plus, since I am a Tribe fan, I get to learn about cards from other teams! :-) Keep it up!!