Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Brads Random Red #29

1970 Topps Pete Rose #458

Well as I sit here thinking of what this weeks worth of Random Reds will produce, I fumble through a box of cards a friend lent me to go through and pick out a few for purchase and got my idea from this one. So VINTAGE REDS it is!!! I love em', and I got em'. So lets post em'.

How bout the back of this one? Great comic! Great Rose fact! Great Condition on the 1970 Vintage! Just GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!

Mahalo and Aloha, Brad


Bay Rat North West said...

I remember watching Hershal Walker run wild during the Sugar Bowl while going through the boxes of cards the neighborhood boys gave me. This was one of them and I did a dance because I got a Red. Then Hershal broke one for a score. I was asked repeatedly to do the dance after that. Man I miss this card.

Brads55sRedsCards said...

LOL. Well glad at least one of us has it to show it off then ;) .