Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Full Reds Team Set of

2006 Fleer

No. 307 Aaron Harang
No. 308 Adam Dunn
No. 309 Austin Kearns
No. 310 Brandon Claussen
No. 312 Edwin Encarnacion
No. 313 Chris Denorfia RC
No. 314 Felipe Lopez
No. 315 Miguel Perez RC
No. 316 Ken Griffey Jr.
No. 317 Ryan Freel
No. 319 Wily Mo Pena
Lumber Company Insert LC-1 Adam Dunn
Lumber Company Insert LC-16 Ken Griffey Jr.
Team Leaders Insert TL-7 Aarong Harang / Ken Griffey Jr
Fleer Fabrics Game Used Jersey FF-KG Ken Griffey Jr.
Fleer will be missed by this collector. Even though the brand officially died in 2005 it was carried on in name by Upper Deck. Fleer always had great design and cool parallels. Except for maybe the 1982 set it was always the one I looked forward to. Just look at this set. The crisp borders. Good action shots. Clean graphics and team logo. Easy to read (by no-foil standards) names for the players. The inserts always had neat graphics. This issue of Lumber Company has a great background, insert name area and great photos of the players well cropped. So enjoy a look at this set. While you can.

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