Friday, February 13, 2009


Dum Dum Dum

1993 Stadium Club
Master Photos
Bip Roberts

Bip believes in Truth, Hits and Reds wins!

As you can see Bip Roberts is really SuperRed.
Faster than a speeding left fielder's throw.
More powerful legs than any Cub.
Able to leap lazy Braves catchers from third base.

This is the first Master Photo ( 5x7) I have come across of ol Bip in over a decade. Picked it up for a clam an a half (w s/h) on the collector's bank account kryptonite known as ebay. I really dig the oversize white border. It really sets off the card photo. And guess what he's got that we mere mortals will never have.
That's right. Bip's rockin the Bip Robert's Portrait Wristband / Score on any Braves Glove combo. Only one other Immortal Reds legend has been photographed wearing something us mere fans can only dream about rockin with ease.
So soak in the Bipness and enjoy the museum quality card that is Stadium Club Master Photos.

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RWH said...

NOBODY has cooler cards than Bip.