Sunday, February 22, 2009

This person

Should be:

A. Shot
B. Gutted
C. Smighted
D. Forced to watch Yankee games between Fran Dresher and Carrot Top for eternity
E. All of the above

I present to the jury:

It's one thing to get the team wrong. But to insult any person with an I.Q. over Vince Young's Wonderlick score is just infuriating.
This is a clear case of ebay fraud and the seller should be banished. For being a typical Cubs fan,


--David said...

You'd be surprised at how many Reds and raves cards I get. Reds because of the "C" and Braves because of the Native American theme... I even have a huge chief Wahoo on the hood of my truck, and a LOT of people have said, "Braves fan, eh?" I just give them the 'how stupid can you be' look and say, "uh, no. Indians."

dayf said...

Maybe the guy was a Cubs fan back in the 1950s when they used the same cap. Nah, he's just an eBay idjit.

Bay Rat North West said...

David- I know what you mean. I am constantly finding Indians from the 50's in my lots of cards and trades.

dayf - He's an idjit.