Monday, February 16, 2009

A Full Reds Team Set of

1987 K-Mart

10 Frank Robinson

12 Johnny Bench
19 Pete Rose

I have been hearing the grumblings.
"Look at Bay Rat and all his shiny Reds."
"All Bay Rat has are serial numbered cards. What a mo mo."
"If I see another game used Reds card........."

For those who thought I was too high puhlootin to mix it up with the lesser folk here is proof I can kick it old school and show off my mad cuhlektn sklz.

How can anyone who was collecting in the mid eighties not have these cards? 79¢ a box in '82 and then 99¢ in '87 for a box of these bad boys. Can you think of any other sets from then that have retained their values? I think not.

These glossy cards mark the celebration of 25 years of Blue Light Specials and crappy toy knockoffs. I bet that is where dayf got his
first one! Nicer photos than in '82 and better printing make this a better set. At least to me.

How can you go wrong with Frank, Pete and Johnathan? You can't!

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