Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blog Bat Around Five

After missing the past four Blog Bat Arounds due to the job I decided to join in on fifth one.

5 is Johnny Bench's Uniform Number.

What is the best experience you have
had acquiring cards or memorabilia?

That is a simple answer for me.

Do I bore you with the story of having my photo taken with said Johnny and The Chicken as a seven year old kid? Nah.

Do you smile in awe about my meeting Cal and Eddie at a 1983 preseason game in New Orleans with Eddie messing up my hair right before Cal signed a ball "To The Squrt - Cal Ripken Jr."?
Blah, blah, blah.

Who wants to hear about the one hour limo ride talking shop with Dale Murphy?
Not Dayf.

My first post told you guys about how I started in collecting.

So hear you go:

The best experience I have ever had in collecting is the day I got the card above. A simple Fleer sticker of Johnny Bench's Uni and a Reds pennant.
Last April 20th I lost all my material things except for the clothes in my weekend pack and my keys. For the second time in just under three years I had lost it all. Another collection down the drain so to speak. What I had managed to gather in the form of Reds and sets after Hurricane Katrina were gone. Again.
It was a sick feeling.

A few fellow bloggers asked why the absence from Cincinnati Reds Cards. I sent emails letting them know. Thanks to you guys who read us and Brad's friends on The Bench, Reds cards started arriving en mass. Four cards here, twenty there. A new bat card from George Foster. A 1992 Billy Hatcher. Dave Concepcion's auto on a Fleer. Plenty of goodies that make Reds collectors all giggly as schoolgirls.

Those cards were a beacon of light as I checked the mail every few days. Seeing that this community has no problem giving (especially cards of teams they do not like) to other colllectors out of the goodness of their hearts still makes me happy. I somehow doubt you guys have a special place in your hearts for a 1979 Topps Dave Collins.

And all of the people who sent some Reds cards should smile and hold your heads high and chest puffed out knowing the cards you sent are now in a loving, happy, Cubs free environment known to me as the Salt Lake Reds Palace.

That is my greatest collecting exerience.

1979 Topps
Dave Collins
Now residing in the Salt Lake Reds Palace

1990 Topps
Chris Sabo
with a well loved corner

2000 Bowman's Best
Franchise Favorite's
Johnny Bench


night owl said...

Geez, I'm way late to the party, but what an experience.

I feel like joining in. Is it too late to send you some Reds? If not, send me an email with your address, and I will.

Scott said...

Dude, I remember those Fleer sticker cards! Cool.

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