Monday, March 2, 2009

The Hutch

All I gotta say is what a guy.

The 1961 Topps card of
Fred Hutchinson
Manager of the 1961 National League champion Cincinnati Reds.

This guy had quite a history.
24 games over .500 as a major league pitcher.
Managed the Reds.
3.72 career E.R.A
Managed the Reds.
Stole Pete Rose's date at the ballpark when Pete was a rookie.
Learned how to get fired from the Cardinals and lead the Reds to the World Series.

Unfortunately, Fred had his baseball life cut short by cancer. He was an architect of rebuilding the Reds farm system in the early sixties that led to the days of the Big Red Machine of the 1970's.

As for the Rose story:
In "My Life Behind Bars" Pete recalls how he managed to show off the crew cut as a rookie during Spring Training to a "more experienced" woman. He brought her to the ball park the next day. Seems Fred had seen her around during the past few Spring Trainings and warned Pete about how he was young and could ruin his reputation and career with a woman like that. Young Rose agreed and promptly sent the lass away. Next afternoon Pete looks up to see a smiling Hutch with balloons on one arm and the lovely young lady on the next. Fred sees Pete staring in disbelief and yells "You're welcome. Don't miss curfew!"
That guy should be in the Hall of Fame for that alone. The only pitcher to make Pete Rose freeze in disbelief.

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