Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quote of the day

"Ha. He loves the Nationals like I love foot cramps. He loves baseball like I love one of those itches you get way up in your butt that you can’t relieve without getting out a pencil… Too personal? Sorry. It just seemed appropriate to connect Jim Bowden with anal irritation. The Nationals are, I’m sure, quite glad Bowden won’t be a pain in their backside anymore"

One of the few thing Crazy Leatherpants did not mess up while in the 'Nati was the career of Barry Larkin.

Here we have an ultra rare and
probably never seen by your eyes before
1992 Fleer Barry Larkin with guest star Kirby Puckett subset card.

Two future Hall of Famers on one card?
You betcha!

Barry wanting to sign autos and pet puppies
while Kirby is scoping the ladies? Check!

What a classy guy you are Barry! What a guy!

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