Monday, February 25, 2008

As we climb aboard the wayback machine

Do Do Do
Do Do Do
Do Do Do

We go back to the early days of Topps
Nineteen Hundred and Fifty Six

Jinkies! These were dark days for the nation. The New York American League Baseball team and the New York National League teams were in the World Series year after year. And winning them. Only the Braves were strong enough to defeat the dreaded New Yorkers.
Now 1956 was not a bad year for the Redlegs from 'Nati. So renamed in 1954 as to not play into the nations fear of dirty commies. The team finished with 91 wins and 63 not wins. 2 games back of the blue New York team. A new guy on the scene in Cincinnati was making a name for himself. You might have heard of him. Frank Robinson. Frank won the Rookie of the Year Award for 1956 after posting a line of 122 Runs / 38 HR / 83 RBI and a .290 Avg. Not to mention an almost error free year in the field.
Shown here in vintage 1959 gear is Mr. Robinson. Getting ready to wallop a home run. Crap. Those 1986 Topps are rubbing off. What's up with the pants? I have only seen paratroopers do their legs like that over boots. Not ball players over leggings. The small jersey swatch lets us know that this is actually a rare jersey. Not many to be found. Plus you get Frank's uni number and 1.5 Reds logos. Who does not like that? Behind Frank faded into the background are the empty Chicago baseball team home stands. The only good use I have seen of them. Providing shade for the Reds.

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Bart McClaughry said...

I like to climb in wayback machine.Great story!
I sent your cards out friday.