Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Gots Some Reds Cards

And You Aint Got None!

At least none from Cardboard Junkie. I contacted Ol' Dayf (as his closest friends know him) about a certain card. I wondered what it would take to pry it from his warm, live fingers and we swapped auto cards. He also included this smorgasborg of extras.

A near complete Team Set of 1988 Topps Big
If anyone has card 167 Nick Esascky let me know.
I like this set. Just a smidge bigger than normal but cool back and good photos of both portrait and action shots on front.

No. 20 Eric Davis
No. 48 Kalvoski Daniels
No. 74 Barry Larkin
No. 96 Tom Browning
No. 144 Dave Concepcion
1982 All-Star Game M.V.P.
No. 214 Jeff Treadway
No. 232 John Franco

2 Holgram Stickers from Upper Deck

2003 SP Legendary Cuts
No. 40 Ernie Lombardi
Ernie was a Hall of Fame catcher before there was such a thing. A good hitting catcher who was great defensively. Runner did not run on him often and he was known as a great game caller. A key member of the Reds 1940 World Series team and 1938 M.V.P. The card itself shows Ernie warming up before a shutout of the Chicago National League Team on July 9, 1938 at their own field. 11 - 0. The card itself is ho hum and too dark for my liking.

1989 Topps Sticker Cards
No. 65 John Franco
No. 47 Eric Davis
Both cards have no stickers on the back.
They must be on Junkie's English notebook next to the I love (Wife's name) drawing.

A 2002 Bowman Heritage of
Man I wanted Noochie Varner to make the big leagues. The name alone would have made him a star. Alas it was not meant to be. He was traded in 2002 to the Tigers I think and has not made it. Plus I have a friend who everyone calls Nootchie because he says Nootchie Rats instead of Nutria rats.

You down with O-Pee-Chee?
Yeah you know me!

A Hockey Stick Set Card
No. 427 Ron Oester

1983 Topps No. 554 Mike Vail.
This guy is one of the variation cards in 1981 Donruss. Good luck finding both versions.

Vintage 1987 Woodgrain Set
No. 412 Eric Davis
Is it just me or he have a look of "Who the heck does this Larkin kid think he is? Autograph a ball for is Mom?

1997 SP
No. 54 Hal Morris
Hal was born in Fort Rucker, AL.
I once drove through there. On my way to someplace nice.

1988 Topps
No. 282 Pat Perry
What kind of career have you had when after 4 seasons in the majors the highlights on the back are that you played Little League and American Legion ball, Has a wife and 2 daughters and was traded by the Cardinals?

1994 Leaf
No. 426 Erik Hanson

1994 Pinnnacle
No. 510 Bret Boone

1990 Topps
No. 176 Luis Quinones

2001 Topps
No. 570 Sean Casey
No. 593 Ken Griffey
How much does Topps dislike Griffey to give him No. 593?
Isn't that kind of card number reserved for a Cub?

Eh? You want more Canadian cards?
1986 Leaf

No. 179 Tom Browning

2003 Topps

No. 18 Jason LaRue
No. 30 Ken Griffey Jr.

2003 Game Face
No. 33 Aaron Boone

2000 Stadium Club
No. 30 Barry Larkin
Gaze in awe at the effortless Larkin Leap over Barry Bonds to complete the double play.

2004 Donruss
No. 251 Ken Griffey Jr.
I miss Donruss. They may have had 200 parallels per card but they made some nice ones

2005 Topps Cracker Jack
No. 49 Adam Dunn
Look at Dunn as he shows just how bad the Cubs sluggers are. Notice that it seems they barley get it to the outfield? OOOOOOO. It looks like Adam fears them about as much as facing Kerry wood fresh out of rehab. Again.

1986 Topps
No. 54 John Franco
Who was writing card backs for Topps in 1985?
This is the third card I have come across that says someone walloped a Home Run.
What up with that?
Might have to do an All-Time Wallop card countdown.

1996 Pinnacle Aficondio
No. 177 Steve Gibraltar
I like these cards. They are like an early 2000 Fleer Gamers with the silver textured foil and a good smooth photo on the front together. They could have done a better job of making his name fit on the front. Looks out of place and off center. Like a Cubs fan.

For Austin Kearns Cards click here. I am enjoying this blog. I have met plenty of great people. Made some good trades to rebuild the Reds collection and have had a lot of fun writing this. Thanks to all who check me out and feel free to contact me about ant trades or offers. Especially if you play for the Reds or live in the Cincinnati area. I would like to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

I really like those Topps Big cards. I'm considering buying a few boxes of packs, but I'm concerned about storage. All the cards I have now have dinged corners and rough edges because of the size.

Bay Rat North West said...

I understand the challenge. But the cards are too nice not own. I will be making a shadow type display of the Reds cards for display.