Tuesday, February 19, 2008

These ah nice too

When we last saw our beloved blog it was going over a mailer from Stats on the Back.

And now. The rest of the story.

1981 Topps
The first set this Reds fan ever bought. Because his grandmother was too aggravated to not buy him some packs.
Tom? What up with the no stache? Don't you know to be a truly great reliever you need one?
Stat on the Back:
Tom was tied by Rollie for the NL Fireman of the Year with 34 points.

Reds Future Stars
Bruce Berenyo / Geoff Combe / Paul Housholder
Stat on the Back:
Paul was born in Columbus, Ohio

The favorite set of mine from the 80's
1983 Topps

Red's Batting & Pitching Leaders
Cesar Cedeno w/ .289 Avg. and Mario Soto w/ 2.79 E.R.A.
Stat on the Back:
Tom Seaver's uniform is 41

1989 Fleer
Ken Griffey
Stat on the Back:
Home Runs before the All Star Break: 2
Home Runs after the All-Star Break: 2

1987 Donruss
One of the most under rated sets of the 1980's
Pete Rose
Stat on the Back:
Baseball's All-Time hit leader and future Hall of Famer....

Barry Larkin
Stat on the Back:
Signed by the Reds as their No. 1 choice in June 1985 amateur draft.

How can you not love these oversize cards?
Black border that easily chips? Check.
No storage for them? Check.

Mario Soto
Stat on the Back:
Led league with 18 complete games in 1983
Dave Parker
Stat on the Back:
Led the Reds in HR, RBI and Avg. in 1984

1988 Topps:

Reds 1987 Team Leaders
Stat on the Back:
Runs Eric Davis 120
RBI Eric Davis 100
SB Eric Davis 50
HR Eric Davis 37
Avg. Eric Davis . 293

1986 Donruss The Rookies
Tracy Jones
Stat on the Back:
Earned a place in the Reds outfield in 1986

1987 Fleer Limited Edition
John Franco
Stat on the Back:
12 wins and 12 saves in 1985

1988 Topps Sticker
Barry Larkin
Stat on the Back:
None. Barry is so good he does not need any. Just his picture.

1989 Score
Danny Jackson
Stat on the Back:
Danny throws a hard fastball

Van Snider
Stat on the Back:
led all Reds farmhands with a .290 avg. in 1988

Tom Browning
Stat on the Back:
Pitched the 14th Perfect Game in MLB history against the Dodgers

Jeff Treadway
Stat on the Back:
Jeff is a crisp contact hitter who sprays the ball all over the field

1989 Toys R Us Rookies
Chris Sabo
Font on the Back:
The inspiration for Dirk Digler's name in neon. POW!

1990 Score
Paul O'Neil
Stat on the Back:
Paul is a dead fastball hitter with a natural swing.

1993 Kellog's
Tony Perez
Stat on the Back:
The only Major Leaguer to drive in 90+ runs for 10 straight years

1995 Ultra
Hal Morris
Stat on the Back:
.335 Avg in 1994

1994 Collector's Choice
Jose Rijo
Stat on the Back:
227 K's in 1993

1994 Pinnacle
Reggie Sanders
Stat on the Back:
.730 Stolen Base percentage

1992 Studio
Rob Dibble
Stat on the Back:
Loves to face Andres Galarraga who is 0-7 with 7 k's

Norm Charlton
Stat on the Back:
Norm was once a cook at Wendy's

Jose Rijo
Stat on the Back:
Don't tell anyone but his favorite singer is Micheal Bolton

2002 Topps Opening Day
Ruben Rivera
Stat on the Back:
Went 4 for 5 in the 1998 World Series against the Yankees

Some 1990 and 1991 logo Stickers from a certain company that is not Fleer
But this one is from Fleer

1981 Donruss
Jerry Narron of the Mariners
Stat on the Back:
Lifetime Avg. of .186


mmosley said...

I know what you mean about the 85 Donruss Big Cards. I used to have them in regular photo albums.

I enjoyed your comments about all the cards, especially the fact that you mention my cool blog name 26 times!

tm87 said...

The Jerry Narron card is kind of scary. He is giving the "you gon' get raped" look.
Yeah, I'm running in the other direction!