Saturday, February 9, 2008

Batting Fifth

Designated Hitter
Freakin A.L. rules

1991 Donruss
N0. 141 Hal Morris

Hal Morris. Designated Hitter. Why does the A.L. still do this? I just do not see the value of it. A no field all hit player is not a player. Sure it helped player's extend their careers. But why?

Hal was acquired from the Yankees after the 1989 season and took over first base after the first quarter of the 1990 season for the Reds. Solid on the dirt and productive in the box he stayed there all season. The World Series was not a bright spot in his career as he had only 2 hits in 14 at bats. And only 1 walk. He made contact. Just not to areas away from A's players. But most importantly. No errors.

The blue borders on this card pop out at you. It is not as mellow as the green. Hal in position to scoop up a weak grounder from Walt Wies with that oversize glove. Rockin the single wrist band to wipe the sweat away.

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