Saturday, February 9, 2008

Third in Tonight's Lineup

Starting in Right Field
1990 Score
No. 295 Paul O'Neill
Look at Paul as he slaps a frozen rope off of Orel Hershiser. He knows that opposite field shot is going for extra bases. While Paul provided spark at the plate throughout the season for the Reds he sort of fell flat in the World series. the A's pitching staff had his number. But his trained eye stayed sharp and he made them pay for following the scouting reports. 5 walks in 12 at bats. 2 runs scored and an RBI. Sure his Avg. was low. But whwn you walk 50% of your at bats what do you expect?
This card is a 1990 Score. The bright red border. Nice choice. A good photo of Paul in action. Clear and crisp for 1990 standards. The beveled button with the Reds logo 8 years before that became a huge fad with photoshop. Great layout. The back has a color portrait of O'Neill that takes up a quarter of the card. Great stat line and well laid out bio and layer info. I can understand why this set is not priced high in collecting circles because of the amount produced. However, everyone should own a monster set like this just to see that sometimes plain works. Simple designs that look good. It's easy to tell the player and team.
This set just looks good.

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