Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sixth in Tonight's Lineup

Starting at Third Base

1991 Donruss
No. 412 Chris Sabo

There a three Chris Sabo Cards in 1991 Donruss. This is the only one showing Chris Sabo's soft and tender eyes. Even though he has upgraded the goggles these days to sunglasses, you still think of him in those goggles. The main reason for the selection of this card is the background. MVP. What Sabo should have won for the World Series. Nine hits. 5 RBI. 2 Runs Sored. 2 Bases on Balls. 2 K's. On base percentage of .611. A double that was inches away from a game saving homer. Some dirty dives. Close throws to first. Granted Hatcher had a record amount of hits, but he did not mean as much at the plate and in the field as Chris.
The card has the way cool Jaws 3-D effect going on with the MVP in the background. Some funky little green baseballs and a get that camera out a here. I gotta win a game portrait from Sabo. It's a winner.

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