Friday, February 22, 2008

Who wants some?

Just a little bragging about my Yahoo fantasy team. I had to use auto draft (never good until now) because it kept giving me an error message when I tried to do live draft. I have drafted possibly the greatest team ever! In my league that is.

Starting 9 For Bay Rats

Catcher - Joe Mauer - Twins
High Avg. and a few RBIs

1st Base - Sexy Texy - Braves
What do I not get?

2nd Base - Dustin Pedroia - Red Sox
High Avg but avg everything else

SS - Khalil Green - Padres
89 RBI / 27 HR / 97 Runs / . 254 Avg.

3rd Base - Alex Rodriguez - Yankees
Who's your 40HR / 120 RBI / 120 Run guy? I got mine.

OF - Ichiro - Mariners
30+ SB / 110+Runs AND .350+ Avg this year

OF - Magglio Ordonez - White Sox
What can this guy not do with Cabrerra / I. Rod and Sheff all around and Granderson leading off?

OF - Adam Dunn - Reds
The best 40+ HR guy not named A. Rod

- Grady Sizemore - Indians


OF - Shane Victorino - Phillies
30+SB this year. Good trade bait for a decent 20 Saves guy.

2B - Aaron Hill - Blue Jays

OF - Austin Kearns - Nationals
Good power in a hitter friendly park? BINGO!

Cole Hammels - Phillies
Dan Harren - Diamondbacks
Chad Billingsly - Dodgers
Carlos Zambrano - Cubs
Aaron Harrang - Reds
Brad Penny - Dodgers
Roy Oswalt - Astros
Bronson Arroyo - Reds
Homer Bailey - Reds
Billy Wagner - Mets

My only question is:
What were the other
owners smoking
before setting
their rankings to land me all this?

I traded Johan Santana to take over Dunn's contract. I think it is fair trade considering what it gave and what I had in reserve. I can pick up a decent reliever and stay in it with saves. If I do not win it all this year I will know the Tim McCarver is my Commencement Announcer curse is on.


dayf said...

Holy crap, that's epic. Sizemore is your UTILITY guy?? The pitching staff is incredible too. The only thing you're missing is saves and you can always pick those up easy.

Joey said...

Geeze, are there only six teams in the league or something? I would take that lineup any day.

Bay Rat North West said...

No. It is a 12 team league. After looking over all the rosters it seems we have some guys who drafted all A's, all Giants, all Astros, all D'Backs and all Brewers. That is a a guaranteed win there.