Friday, February 29, 2008

You Drive 26 Miles

To the local card shop
And what do you get?

A new pack of Heritage
And nary a Met.

I made a trip to the local card shop today - Clayton's Cards in Roy, UT - to thumb through the game used and low price boxes. What did I find? Gaze upon the metallic and solid cardboard works of art and prepare to be awestruck.

Card 1 - $3.00
2006 Bowman Heritage
Pieces of Greatness Bat Card
No. PG-EE Edwin Encarnacion

This is how a game used card should be made. Thick, industrial grade cardboard. What John Wayne Toilet Paper wishes it could be. This card could be used to pry open a window that was painted shut 5 years ago.

Card 2 - $3.00
2006 Topps Heritage
Clubhouse Collection Bat Card
No. CC-AD Adam Dunn

Look at Adam smile as he knows he's gonna smash a tater out of Great American Ballpark off of Ol' Huddy. Look at that bat that drove in Kearns and Ross to win the game. Even I am smiling.

Card 3 - $3.00
2005 Leaf Certified Materials
Mirror Blue Fabric 083 / 100
No. 2 Adam Dunn

I like these cards. One more Blue and I can make my special lady a nice pair of earrings. Look at Dunn setting up to wiff on the fastball from Zambrano.

Card 4 - $3.00
2005 Leaf Certified Materials
Mirror White Parallel 089 / 250
No. 2 Adam Dunn

Look at the brilliance as the card shines. It puts the BAAAAAAMMMM! In Peanut Butter and Jammmmmmm! Marvel at Adam as he learned from the previous Zambrano pitch and hangs back to crush a deep double to drive in Encarnacion.

Now on to the Topps Heritage pack.
Can we remain Cub free?

Please let there be a God and
let Him love thy Reds fan.

Card 1
Not officaly a Mets card. He is with the Twins here. I predict that the 3 times Johan matches up with the Reds this year he will experience tightness in the chest, slight dizziness from the mind numbing hitting and possible fainting. They are all signs of looseritis.

Card 2
Rookie card of the younger brother of this guy. A former Red.

Card 3
How dumb was the joke the school photo guy told Orlando to get this face? Did the guy say he was a Cubs fan? That is all I can figure to get a look like that.

Card 4
Chrome Parallel of some pitcher. 1387 / 1959. Looks like he plays for some baseball team in New York City. Not a Red so I don't care.

Stick of Gum I left at the store for some near diabetic kid.

Card 5
This is a pretty good card. Ivan looks happy knowing he is batting in that lineup. Who would have thought that I Rod would be batting 8th in a lineup because the rest of the batters were that good to make him bat there? But still not a Red so who cares. If Joey at Squeezeplay cards wants this card let me know.

Card 6
Some kid that had a good rookie season. If he was a Red I would be able to pronounce his name.

Card 7
Tiny Surfers. Big waves. Why is this a card? What next? 1960 Presidential candidates cards?

Card 8
Let me explain how I view cards

Step 1
Holy Frejolies! I got a Red! Out of all the cards! With only buying one pack!

Step 2
They mean Edwin?

Step 3
How freekin Un Bee Live It Able is this card? Juan Encarnacion of the St. Louis Cardinals? In a Reds hat and uni? What the heck?
Juan last played for the Reds in
July of
In 5 years they could not find a photo of Juan in a Cardinals outfit?
They could not do a bad photoshop job?
Not even this?

How hard is that? And I do not even go to photoshop academy
to learn how to copy and paste.

I would rather have a 1959 Ernie Banks card cut in half and taped with blue Duct Tape then gold foil stamped on the tape than this lazy card. But. It will go at the end of my Reds Team Set when I get it because of the hat. Shame on you Topps! Shame! Make me sully my Reds Team binder with a Cardinal.

Now that I have that out of my system.

It was a good trip to the store. For under four sawbacks I got 4 Game Used Cards of my Reds. 3 Dunns at that. And a pack of Topps Heritage. The pack was a good one and the Game Used are going into my Reds Game Used binder. I look forward to next week's trip as I passed up 5 George Foster G/U and some other Reds parallels and 2 autos. All GU/ are 2-3 dollars and the parallels under 2 dollars. I am gonna be stocking up on the players from the 2008 World Series Champion Reds.


thehamiltonian said...

Great read. Love the bat card. I could use it for some windows.

I mailed out the Malone a few days ago. Its all on Canada Post now....

dayf said...

BAAAAAAAAAM! That was an awesome read for a saturday morning. The photoshop made me lose it.

2-3 bucks for Game used? that rocks, they're 5 bucks and up down here. I need to come back to Utah sometime.

I also agree totally on the Hawaii card. The only card in that set worth anything is the Luna 2 card and that's only because I was a space Nerd when I was a kid and went to Huntsville AL and Cape Canaveral for fun.

Joey said...

Yep, I would be interested in the Pudge. Thanks for remembering.

Great post and a great trip to the ole card shop.

Bay Rat North West said...

Hamiltonian - That card could seriously harm someone if thrown at them. You can use them for window scrappers up there.

Dayf - That was one of the toughest photoshop assignments I have ever done. No wonder Topps could not do it.

Joey - The Pudge card is coming your way on Monday.

Joey said...

You are the bomb! I'll get to looking for something to send back to ya.