Saturday, February 16, 2008

That's A Nice. Yeah?

This mailer was sent from Stats on the Back. A card blog believe it or not! I enjoy the blog and the writer, Mark, is a COUGH Met's COUGH Fan COUGH COUGH. Sorry something was stuck in my throat.
Now on to the goodies.

I go through different emotions when I receive a package in the mail I have no idea what is inside.
Will it be:
I hope this is not another Donate to the Cubs Failed Player's Fund


will I be:
Such cute little cardboard. I shall name him Adam and love him and pet him and feed him and play with him.

Well after opening the mailer and going over the cards here was my reaction
This is part of the card I shall be sending Stats on the Back in thanks for the package of now loved and no longer neglected Reds cards.

Let's take a looksee at what Statsy, as his close friends call him, sent to Cincy Reds Cards.

a 1969 Gerry Arigo

The only person scared of being on cardboard from 1969. I guess he truly believed in the "A picture steals your soul" saying from the Olden West days.
Stat on the Back:
Gerry tossed a one hitter against the Mets. Right after he was trade by them to the Reds.

From 1970 Topps we have:

Ray Washbun

Stat on the Back:
Ray is an avid Country and Western Music fan!

Gary Tolan
Stat on the Back:
Bob's Uncle Eddie won 2 Gold Medals at the 1932 Olympics!

Wayne Granger
Stat on the Back:
Wayne hit 2 batters in one inning in the 1968 World Series!

Darrel Channey
Stat on the Back:
Darrel turned down 35 football scholarships to sign with the Reds. He was named the Starting QB on the 1966 High School All-American team!

Camilo Pasqual
The Latin Lover of Cincinnati
Stat on the Back:
Camilo tied major mark for hurlers with 3 sacrafices on 5/27/1956 with the Senators.

From 1971 Topps I am honored with
Tony Cloninger and Bobby Tolan having a career game during his career year.
Stat on the Back:
3 Runs on 3 Hits with 1 RBI.

A little selection from the 1972 Topps New York Region Vintage

Joe Gibbon
Stat on the Back:
Joe was born in Newton, MS. Just a 3 hours from were I was raised.

Jim McGlothlin
Stat on the Back:
How much does a baseball weigh?
Between 5 and 5.25 oz.

Ross Grimsley
Stat on the Back:
Ross pitched his American Legion team to a national title in 1968.

Ed Sprague
Stat on the Back:
Ed's first pro win was a 3 hit shutout

Clay Carroll
Stat on the Back:
Clay was member of the Braves. Then was traded to a GREAT team.

Don Gullett
Stat on the Back:
What was Connie Mack's real name? Cornelius McGillicuddy

From the Year of our Blog's Creator 1973

Bill Plummer
Stat on the Back:
Bill played for the Cubs. Then was traded to a GREAT team. Only to backup Johnny Bench.

Joe Hague
Stat on the Back:
Joe won a game for the Reds just after joining the Reds. He had 4 RBI's in a 5-3 win over the Mets. How ya like dem big apples?

Jack Billingham
Stat on the Back:
Jack is a distant cousin of Christy Matthewson

From 1974 Topps:

Denis Menke
Stat on the Back:
Denis tied a N.L. record w/ 3 intentional walks on 5/23/64

Tom Hall
Stat on the Back:
The call Tom "The Blade"

Fred Norman
Stat on the Back:
12 and 6 in 1973 with the Reds

Merv Rettenmund
Stat on the Back:
Merv hit .400 in the 1970 World Series with the Orioles against the Reds

Phil Gagliano
Stat on the Back:
Phil pinch-hit for the Cardinals in the 1967 and 1968 World Series

To be continued........

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