Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Full Reds Team Set of

The Hockey Stick Set
1982 Topps

This was the second year of collecting for me. My vaunted Reds. Soon to be crushed by Chamblis, Murph and Hrabosky the Mad. But it was early and I was diging the In Action cards. Why does Topps not do those any more? Two cards in one set of a team's favorite players? More card sales. HELLOOOOOO! I never understood why the designers did the double hockey stick design until I grew older. In case you were not sure if a card was mis cut it helps out.
So what we got? Four Seavers - Regular, In Action All-Star COR and All-Star ERR. Leave one letter out on the back and you have a collectible! Johnny Bench has two cards. Davey "The dryer was not that hot" Concepcion has multiple cards. The sweet fro that is Soto only has one. Sadness ensues. But happiness is found again trying to emulate the bad assness that is George Foster. Who does not want those chops? Griffey the Original's stare that made little Kenny freeze when he saw it. And command the respect of umpires for minimal bad calls.
And the best photo in the set?
No. 316 Rafael Landestoy who was just told he had been traded to the hicago Natioanl League semi pro baseball club. Just kidding! Don't cry man.
This was a challenging set for me as an 8 year old to build. Only the Majic Market in town had cards that summer. The grocery stores were done for a few years and the corner market was only selling Donkey Kong and E.T. it seemed. But I persevered. Until football came out. I remember cataloging this set in 1987 to see how rich I was going to be and found out the packs I bought got me within 3 cards of completing it. And considering I had no one to trade with at the time that was dang good for an 8 year old.


Brads55sRedsCards said...

I think the Johnny Bench In Action is my favorite of these! Glad to have you back!

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