Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to Reds cards

Enough with the slacking. I now have a card that will make you ruin a new pair of pants.

Barry Larkin 1992 Newsport French Magazine Insert

A little larger than a postcard this glossy paper insert was unknown to the hobby until early 1992. Or the time they were made. As you can see our hero, Barry Larkin is in the beginning of scooping and slinging another pathetic attempt by Lenny Dykstra to get on base. The card has a clean, neat design with only one flaw. B. Larkin. Has Barry not proven he is a Hall of Famer by 1992? Yes! Is he some common player like J. Canseco or R. Henderson? I think not. So why we got B. instead of Barry is beyond this Reds fan.

While the front has some English on it, because only Americans collect baseball stuff, the back is slightly less easier to read. Unless you know French. If you do please feel free to translate for a person who found a way to seep through two years of French and still have the highest grade in the class. I can make out Cincinnati and 1990. Hope that helps.

But what makes this card a great card? Is it the fact so few know about it? Nope. Is it the fact these are pretty rare? Nope. Is it because you can not name any other 1992 Barry Larkin card that books at twenty dollars? Nope. It's a lot simpler than all these put together:

He's rocking the Barry Larkin Portrait wristbands. ON BOTH WRISTS! How bad a$$ are you when you can do that and people say "Man! I wish I could pull that off!" When you can do that and not come across like this guy:
See. No portrait wristbands leads to people hating you. Even Chicago National League team fans.


Dan said...

I deem this post: EPIC WINZ.

RWH said...

haha Those wristbands were classic. There was a very small group of players rocking those and pretty much all of them were bad ass.

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