Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why would anyone want

An entire set of parallels? I guess it's just that desire to horde stuff. The guys at Topps tapped into this with me when it comes to 2001 Topps Fusion. There is almost no difference between regular 2001 Topps Gallery, Finest and Bowman's Best than the Topps Fusion logo on them. Talk about a great way to get rid of excess material for printing.
2001 Topps Fusion
No. 233 Scott Williamson
Topps Gallery

That's right.
1999 Rookie of the Year!
I did not know that Scott was born in Ft. Polk, LA, until this morning. That is were they train National Guard regulars for Mississippi and Louisianna for basic training. Bet you did not know that.
Look at those eyes boring into Sammy Sosa as the Dominican Pop Up Machine begins to wonder if a swing is worth it against the All-Star. Williamson iss fixn to throw some two seam stinky cheddar Sosa's way. As you can tell by the set glove and the power push in the leg this contest was over before it started.
So if anyone out there has any of the following let me know. It's the last of the Fusion set I am looking for to complete it. I have doubles from the set I will gladly trade. Or just check out the link for Overtime Cards in the top corner and send me the link to the checkout page and the cards will be on their way to you.

5 Alex Rodriguez Stadium Club
6 Alex Rodriguez Bowman's Best
7 Alex Rodriguez Finest
8 Alex Rodriguez Gallery
15 Barry Larkin Stadium Club
22 Ben Grieve Finest
24 Corey Patterson Gold Label
31 Brian Giles Bowman's Best
35 Christian Guzman Staium Club
43 Cal Ripken Gallery
47 Darin Erstad Finest
49 Josh Hamilton Gallery
50 Derek Jeter Stadium Club
54 Chin-Feng Chen Gallery
56 Derek Jeter Bowman's Best
57 Derek Jeter Finest
64 Roy Oswalt Gold Label
67 Frank Thomas Finest
73 Derek Jeter Gallery
87 Ivan Rodriguez Finest
102 Jeff Bagwell Finest
112 Jermaine Dye Finest
114 Ben Davis Gold Label
119 Jason Hart Gold Label
125 Jeromy Burnitz Stadium Club
132 Jorge Posada Finest
134 Danny Borrell Gold Label
138 Ken Griffey, Jr. Gallery
143 Larry Walker Gallery
146 Ken Griffey, Jr. Bowman's Best
148 Manny Ramirez Gallery
149 David Parrish Gold Label
150 Manny Ramirez Stadium Club
151 Kevin Brown Bowman's Best
154 Mike Jacobs Gold Label
155 Mark Grace Stadium Club
156 Larry Walker Bowman's Best
160 Mark McGwire Stadium Club
166 Manny Ramirez Bowman's Best
167 Mike Piazza Finest
171 Mark McGwire Bowman's Best
174 J.R. House Gold Label
177 Pedro Martinez Finest
184 Chriss Bass Gold Label
185 Raul Mondesi Stadium Club
187 Randy Johnson Finest
189 Erick Almonte Gold Label
194 Luis Montanez Gold Label
195 Ray Lankford Stadium Club
203 Randy Johnson Gallery
207 Sammy Sosa Finest
211 Sammy Sosa Finest
212 Scott Rolen Finest
216 Scott Rolen Bowman's Best
219 William Smith Gold Label
223 Sammy Sosa Gallery
225 Tino Martinez Stadium Club
244 Marcos Scutaro Gold Label

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