Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Full Reds Team Set of

2008 Topps Reds Fest

4 Brandon Phillips
This guys is a great guy.
Not only does he like The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire
he models his dives after Jazz getting thrown out of the mansion.

6 Ryan Freel
A great bench guy.
He is like Pete Rose in that he plays almost
every position on the field well.
And he is a fan of Webster? SRSLY?

19 Joey Votto
Joey led NL rookies in Batting Avg., Hits,
Home Runs, Total Bases, On-Base Percentage and Slugging Percentage.
Plus he's got the looks of a
movie star.
Yeah. Those crappy movies.

21 Chris Dickerson
Dog catcher? That's funny!
He should be able chase down some lazy pop ups
from that Chicago team in the National League.
That's as close to dogs as he should get this season.

27 Jeff Keppinger
Hopefully we will all be singing
"We're off to see the World Series Trophy"
after sweeping the Los Angeles American League representatives.
I'd even settle for "Ease on Down the Basepath"

32 Jay Bruce
Yeah. You read that right.
Braves killer.

39 Aaron Harang
I bet he has one of those Hot Rod Magazine Visa's
with the flame job background.

He's still having some control problems this Spring.
Thanks Dusty.

61 Bronson Arroyo
I want to like this guy. But he makes it hard.
On top of being a Gator fan he like the Pats.
Then he has Scarface as his favorite movie.
Add those onto the interview he gave in Boston
this off season where he stated
the Red Sox were a better team
and I just can't.
Unless he beats the Mets and Chicago NL team.

Great set of cards as you can see. They came in a little folder with some player info and Redsfest XI info. It just shows that the Reds are the best team in baseball to their fans.


A big thanks goes out to the guys at Without them I might have never known about this set. But did they send me these nope. They sent them to a Cu... C... Cub...
It hurts to type it.
Cubs fan. I like JayBee, but to send some to a Cubs fan?
That's like a Yankee fan rooting for the Red Sox.
While wearing a Jeter jersey.
In Times Square.
Next to Stienbrener.

The shame guys. The shame.


Dan said...

Ah! OMGreds sux. I have a small stack of those on my desk for you too... just haven't gotten a complete package together for you yet.

I rocked my Reds jersey in Toronto during the WBC... does that help restore my Reds fandom?

Bay Rat North West said...

As long as you gave Dunn golf claps and Votto an ovation that is getting back somewhat in Reds fandom circles.

James B. Anama said...

Hey, I liked the cards. I'm just glad VottoTron was willing to send them to me. Of course, it helped that I had some Vottos to give him in the first place.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for Topps related products.


JayBee Anama

Anonymous said...

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