Thursday, December 20, 2007

Because 1 card will NEVER Satisfy a card collector

Who out there only wants one boring card of their player from each set? Why settle for just 3 cards that are the same basic photo with a different border. Who can live with just 10 like any Donruss issue from 2001 - 2005?



Pattern 86

Pattern 69

Pattern 62

Pattern 33

That's right! 90 different patterns of one card. And I want them. All. Pattern 7 is on the way. Is it because I heard Gordan Geko proclaim "Greed is good" in the 80's? More than likely it is. It could not be any other reason. What true collector does not want all 90 patterns of his team's players? Besides Mets collectors. Who in their right mind collects the Mets? WNBA fans?

And this is what is great about being a collector. The searches. The time looking in want ads. Looking over posts on trade blogs. Talking to your local card shop owner. Finding people who share your passion. Nothing like the search.

These are actually nice cards. See through acetate means no bent corners or creases. They have cool patterns for each card. And the ladies like the "Bling" factor in the sheen.

Barry is staring at one of his 2,340 hits. I think it was the game winning double on June 16, 1997 in Cleveland in their first trip there in interleague plays first year. Nothing like beating The Tribe at the Mistake they call The Jake in front of 42,961. That's just me though.

Now the back:

Barry looking towards his future baseball milestones. Wearing the only Reds cap I have never bought.

2000 - 3,000 Total Bases
Did it!

2001 - 200 Home Runs
Nope ;(

Only hit 198 for his career.

2001 - 400 Stolen Bases
Nope ;(

Thefted 378 total.
Dang getting older thing!

So if you have any patterns collecting dust, let me know. We may be able to work something out.

Seacrest out!


Steve Gierman said...

90 different designs! I was so far out of collecting at this point, it's not even funny. That's a horrible idea... but suddenly... I want all 90 variations on each White Sox player. DAMN! Now I want these too.

dayf said...

I love this set. I never bought any packs when it was out, but every time I see one in a box of commons I buy it. As a result I probably have about half the set spread out through my boxes of star cards. I wonder how much Boxes of this would cost?

--David said...

I have a few designs of several Tribe players. I am torn between collecting one or two of each Indians player as "set types" and actually collecting ever possible version of each Indians player... Only time will tell, I suppose!

Wax Heaven said...

I remember those cards. They were cool when they came out but haven't quite aged as well. To the guy that wants every single design---something might be wrong with him!