Friday, December 28, 2007

The Stars At Night are Big and Bright!

Deep in the heart of the All-Star Game!

We now take a trek down the path to immortality. A sure fire way to have 2 cards in next year's Topps or Upper Deck main sets. A way for all to know you had one heck of a season. We are talking All-Star Game selections!

Today's example is a 2007 Topps Chrome Refractor of Ken Griffey Jr. Who could not want this card? The clean black borders. The squares? The picture of Mr. Griffey slamming Home Run No. 542 at home. Take note because this will probably be the pose on the Junior 650 Home Runs insert set by Topps issued over 6 years. The George Kenneth Griffey Jr. signature on front.

That's right!
I have a Ken Griffey Jr.
autographed card!
Get Some!

I knew his name was Kenneth but never knew that was his middle name. You learn something new every day.

The card back screams Hall of Fame. No room for any fun facts. Barely room for his name and personal info. Seven league leader stat lines. One R.O.Y year. One M.V.P. season line. What should have been another M.V.P. line for 1994; however, Frank Thomas of the White Sox stole the election. He sent all the voters bad Ken Griffey Chocolate Bars and made them sick. Saw a documentary on youtube about it. Then he came to Cincinnati. 2000 was a good year by Griffey standards. But someone forgot to call the exterminator and kill the injury bugs. Instead of becoming the only player to make two All-Century teams he began the slide to becoming a great player who should have retired. Thank goodness he did not. These past two seasons have revitalized my admiration of him and make it a treat to listen to him cracking the lumber on the radio.

2007 was a year all Reds fans have been hoping for. A solid season of production from Griff. Leading up to the Midsummer Classic he was halfway to 78 runs, 30 HRs, 93 RBI and a .277 avg. Not too shabby for an 18 year vet. He was the feel good story of the year (for us Reds fans) during the first half of the season. Along with Josh Hamilton he showed that you can come back from injuries and be productive. While this is never going to be a "classic" Griffey card in the same way of 1989 Upper Deck, it still reminds me of the season he made me smile. All because I know I am seeing greatness and understand it better than when I was watching Johnny Bench as a kid.

So good luck George Kenneth Griffey Jr. in your quest for 600 HRs next season. May it come at home and be a bases loaded, bottom of the ninth, two out game winner. That seals another All-Star Game start!

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