Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let's Get In On the Card Bandwagon!

That's right! Everyone else is doing it! We can sell more magazines and every buyer is getting a "rare and valuable" card!

Bellow is a "Rare" 1993? Sports Card Values Magazine Barry Larkin. Seriously.
Who actually cut theses out of the magazines? Did they really expect to make money off of this?

First off the picture is ho hum at best. Barry staring into a sunny field! Leaning on a batting cage! On game day! At least they paid the money to get permission to have the Reds logo shown. The "card" itself is thin business card stock. Even thinner than the cards put in Tuff Stuff recently by Upper deck. At least there are no jagged rip off edges all around the card.

Now for the true art of every card:

The Back!

At last they get one thing right. Barry was the best Shortstop in the League at the time.The 87 Topps is a good looking card, but it is not even the card they quote the price on. That honor goes to Larkin's 1987 Fleer. One good looking set.

But after all this ranting, guess what?


Where are you going to find this? I came across it after nearly an hour at a flea market table. It was in the middle of the 3rd 10,000 count box - under the table. That is why this card is a true gem. It is the fruit of my labors to rebuild a Reds collection. So look at my card and get full of envy. Caus I am not going to get rid of it. Unless you offer a dollar.


--David said...

LOL, a true collector!! Willing to hold on to his cards forever - or until the right price comes along, whichever comes first! :-) I have often said through the years that I am selling my Tribe collection the day the Indians win the Series. Got close to going this year... Ya just never know... LOL!

dayf said...

Ha! Those are the best cards... The crazy oddball weirdness cards that you found out of nowhere and paid a nickel for and will never ever see again. :)

Anonymous said...

I've got a dollar!