Thursday, December 11, 2008

And award for worst scans goes to:

20o5 Donruss Elite!

Nice cards but a pain to try and scan. Here are your 2005 Reds cards from this set:

47 Adam Dunn

Look at Dunn as he smashes a single to right off of Glavine!
The pure joy off not striking out this time so evident!

48 Austin Kearns

The anticipation of Kearns at the plate as he gets ready to test Frenchies arm. Frenchy looses if you did not know.

49 Barry Larkin

Barry taking his time on some dribbler from an unnamed Chicago National League team because they just stink.

51 Sean Casey

Look at Casey slap a double to right to score Dunn.

52 Ken Griffey Jr.
And as we all watch in awe at another Titanic Tater from Jooooooonnyaaaaaaa he slowly drops the pine and begins his trot around the quadrangle.

And what set is complete without a parallel?

Turn of the Century
128 / 750

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