Thursday, December 11, 2008

When the World Wide Interweb


We were given this treat of a set:
1998 Pacific Online

The idea was to get you to Pacific's site and "amaze" you with stats and cool stuf from Pacific. Did not work to well from what I can tell. The cards are still here but Pacific is not.

Overall the design is pretty tame by 90's standards. No flash. No see through.
A good clean action shot on each card. The small amount of foil for the palyer name. The card name taking up too much space. Overall I like the set because of the photos and colors. Plus the Reds logo helps out.

185 Stan Belinda
186 Aaron Boone
187 Brett Boone
188 Brook Fordyce
189 Willie Greene
190 Pete Harnish
191 Lenny Harris
192 Mark Jackson
193 Damien Jackson
194 Ricardo Jordan
195 Barry Larkin
196 Eduardo Perez
197 Pokey Reese
198 Mike Remlinger
199 Reggie Sanders
200 Jeff Shaw
201 Chris Stynes

202 Scott Sullivan
203 Eddie Taubensee
204 Brett Tomko
205 Pat Watkins
206 David Weathers
207 Gabe White
208 Scott Winchester
209 Barry Larkin on the Reds Checklist

And don't try the websites on top. They no longer work. Kinda like the Cubs in the postseason. Sounds good in theory.

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