Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mario is a liar

I thought I was dealing with this guy:

Instead I find I am dealing with this guy:

This is direct quote from that guy in South Florida:
He was sending me a package of Reds cards:
"including a game-used Dunn"

After going through over 200 Harangs, Phillips, Tim Costos, Joonyahs, A Bergollia, some Wagners, Bench's, Morgan's, Perezez and oodles more I find this:
2008 UD Spectrum
Retrospectum Swatches
RS-CA1 Sean "The Mayor" Casey

Celebrating his return to a cold weather climate and getting away from those stinkin Marlins. Sure Salt Lake is only AAA (like the Marlins), but the Bees are in the playoffs year in and year out. Unlike the Marlins year and 8 years out.

I will dismantle this box sent card by awe inspiring Reds card later. I have to put the Larkin game used sent upon the altar of Reds Gods in the front room. Visitors welcome.

Thank you goes out to Eric and Liar, Liar. Tatiana's on Fire!

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