Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brads Random Red #56

2006 SP Legendary Cuts
When It Was a Game Silver
Ken Griffey Sr. #WG-KG (70/75)
2005 Upper Deck Classics
Classic Materials
Ken Griffey Sr. #MA-KG

Alright. Since I'm obviously slackin hardcore I thought I'd give a double slap in the face at ol' Joe the supposed loser Indians fan. But hey, I guess he needed a American League team to take on my A's. So that's cool.
Back to the items at hand. Here are two cards that I love. I had almost passed up on one of them as I thought they were the same card (going off of memory that is). I decided to get the other Griffey figuring if it is a dupe it would be sent to Joe for XMAS. Well as it turns out they just closely resemble each other.
The SP Legendary Cuts card on the right shows his afro stickin' out the bottom of his helmet and a fresh look on his face. Where as the UD Classics card shows a bit aged and bewildered look. I just love the look of these two cards side by side!
Mahalo and Aloha, Brad

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