Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A 4 Star Review!

Recent review of my soon to be Pulitzer winning Rainbow post:

You son of a b****

Thanks goes out to Brads55 of The Bench for such a stunning and well deserved review.

As for his fellow Benchies who sent these two soon to be drooled upon cards I hope I can get five ***** from you guys.

1983 Fleer
Hand signed by the Reds Player/Gods themselves

Mario Soto
The premier Reds pitcher of the 80's according to a certain Red's fan. Not that I can blame him. Who else besides Mario had the fro and the heat at the same time for nearly a decade with the Reds?

Mike Vail
Never played much that I can remember due to injury and part timer status. Thanks to the New York National League team and Chicago National League team for leting this guy go so I could have a HAND SIGNED 1983 FLEER! Of Mike Vail. Outfielder. REDS.

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