Friday, January 16, 2009

A Reds Team Set of

2005 Donruss Studio
Silver Press Proofs

Below is a great set of cards. As stated in an earlier post this was a mistake buy. I was just bidding on the regular set of 2005 Studio I thought. READ THE AUCTIONS PEOPLE! The cards have a thin but sturdy make up with nice smooth gloss surfacing. The background shows the view of the Natti looking from Kan Tuck E over the river into downtown. I can't stand that bridge. Too many people slow down on it going into a nearly blind curve where the interstates split to look at the area. The photos are well made and cropped. Nice shadowing around them so they blend into the background. Old advertising rule: Want a great looking design: Black, White and Red. Studio did that perfectly with these cards. Enjoy.
77 Adam Dunn

78 Austin Kearns

79 Barry Larkin
2010 Hall of Fame Member

80 Bubba Nelson

81 Danny Graves

82 Eric Milton

83 Ken Griffey Jr.

84 Ryan Wagner

85 Sean Casey

So there you have a peek at some great cards. Now if I can only find something like this for the Gold and Platinum proofs on the bay I will be set.

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Anonymous said...

Man, what a steal. I love finding great deals on eBay.