Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Full Reds Team Set of

2008 Topps Chrome
National Convention Edition

72 Brandon Phillips
Have you seen the hair on this man's chin yet? I have a feeling it's his super power source. Able to turn triple plays on the Marlins in a single game!

92 Adam Dunn
How bad is this photo on chrome? It looks like Adam is in a silver polyester blend uni on a sunny day. Or is it a failed attempt to recreate this guys duds?

110 Aron Harang
Look at Aaron as he prepairs a serving of stinky cheese for the happless cheeseheads of Brewerland.

150 Homer Bailey
Alright Homer. Lets see that AAA throwing up in the majors this year. Please don't be a AAAA pitcher.

152 Ken Griffey Jr.
Nice power stroke from Griffey off of Lieber. Of the team that has sucked for 101 years now.

191 Edinson Volquez
Holy Volquoly! As much as I would like to see a lineup of Bruce, Phillips, Hamilton and Votto I am glad the Rangers know nothing about keeping good young talent in their system.

196 Joey Votto
This guy is gonna be on fire this season. For other Votto cards click here.

These cards are typical Topps Chrome cards. Only difference is that there were 300 sheets of the 08 Chrome set made for the National last year. Sheets were handed out to dealers and VIPs in attendance. All cards have a dark gold rough foil print on them to mark the event. These are not your typical National stamped cards in that this foil ain't comin off anytime soon.
These cards were cut from a sheet by a professional press operator and have better corners and edges than any Chrome product I have purchased. I am glad I have a subscription to SCD as that is where I found the dealer, Kevin Savage Cards, with the team sets for sale.
Hope you enjoyed the set.

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dayf said...

Wow, nice oddball set. that's pretty cool.

I have had problems on Grand Cards but no one else so far.

night owl said...

I've had issues. I posted about it. I think it could be cleared up, but I'm not sure. I haven't tried again on the blogs that I had the problems on.

Dan said...

vottoTRON likey!