Monday, June 9, 2008

Brads Random Rant #6

Aloha Posters/Viewers/Fans (lol):

Joe and myself appreciate all the kind comments left about our M.I.A. to the site. We both, unfortunately, have little to no time to post anything at this time. Joe has experienced a serious and problematic event in his life which hinders all parts of posting on this blog (I'll let him explain as its not really my business to state such matters). As far as myself goes I've been in involved in about 200+ trades in a little under 2 months so as you can guess I'm too busy sorting and checking to be scanning and posting. I'm just about caught up and in a discussion with Joe we both plan to be posting again on the 15th when he returns from his business trip. It looks like we are going to stay on the idea of posting weekly bundles since it seemed everyone kind of dug it (i.e. - G/U week, Auto week, Vintage week, Kearns week, etc.). So from the both of us, we apologize for the long delay, but its all for the better right now. See you in a week!

Mahalo and Aloha, Brad

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