Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Card. Small Number.

Brad v. Joe
99 Smackdown
There will be blood.
There will be tears.
There will be Reds cards.

You take two of the premier (at least I am)
Reds collectors and put them in this:
(No laughs. We are working on a small budget here.)

and we find out who has the
toughest cardsnumbered to 99 or less.

The first pugilist in this
War by the Shore (of the Great Salt Lake) is:

2007 Ultimate
Star Materials Patch / Autograph
4 / 5

That's right fans!
Number four.

Not only do you have a bad scan of a great card, but you have Austin unleashing the cannon on a dumber than dumb Alfonso Soriano of the Chicago National League baseball choke artists. The arm that makes third base coaches tremble, base runners cower and those with weak hearts faint! There is only one type of cannon that compares to Austin:
Compares. I did not say as powerful as.

The multi-color patch taken off the jersey of the man who makes Braves stop at first and shake their heads. Cause any other right fielder and it would have been a stand up double. Triple if the guys nickname is Frenchy.

The signature that flows. Large A.Small u. The swooping T. Large K. Then the superstar squiggle line to end it all.

So. What you got Brad? What Chihuahua of a card do you have that can stack up to the powerhouse I, Joe "Mouth of the South Salt Lake" Cuevas, has unleashed in this epic battle of Reds cards?


Brads55sRedsCards said...

Stupid ass site!!! I posted some long ass comment about this thread and its not here??? Son of a bitch! I must not have been 'signed in', took it for granted that I was, and closed the window. Anyways, I really like how you post. Too bad I don't get into it as nuts as you do it. But I'm trying!

Bay Rat North West said...

To quote one of the greatest creative people of the 20th century and an inspiration:

"Cocaine. It's a hell of a drug."
- Rick James Bitch