Friday, June 20, 2008

Bam Bam Club Bad Cards!

Sure Bam Bam Dunn
looks harmless in this:
2005 Studio
10 / 15

But Dunn wields that bat like a
steel chair in the hands of this man:
A true master of his craft.

Bam Bam takes that bat to the bodies
of all those with the Ultimate Braddior.

With the backing of The Donkey Punch Express and
Crazy Eyes Claussen's Fast Ball Claw
he has nothing to fear.

Not even a twenty foot aluminum ladder swung
by the Hulkster can stop the
Smackdown on Braddiors /99 cards.

The carnage as the Kearns Spectrum Patch
card holds up a hand to plead for mercy.

Kick to the shoulder.

Griffey's SPx card tries to slide under
the bottom rope.

Leg grabbed by the Big Donkey.

Griff's hat knocked forward by the
club Bam Bam wields with .250 avg. skills
and 40+ home run power.

Boone cries as Crazy Eyes and Bam Bam
team up on him in the corner.

One devestating body slap afer another.

All I have to say Jimmy is that it's over.

Brads55's mom is singing.

The Ultimate Braddior can take out
all those patches and try to plug the wounds.

Cause that's all he can do while Bam Bam,
The Donkey Punch Express and Crazy Eyes Claussen
celebrate as the confetti rains down on them.

And Mouth of the South Salt Lake
celebrates his first Smackdown victory.

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Brads55sRedsCards said...

Oh its on. You wanted the best, you got the best. Another boring Bam Bam next on Brads Random Red...