Wednesday, June 18, 2008

After some detective work and a Scooby Snack

I uncovered an ancient Topps Shenanigan!

It seems my fellow bloggers are up in arms over
supposed "SP" and wrong player madness with Topps.
Or them just screwing with set builders and team collectors.

Well feast your eyes on this:

1987 Topps
No. 101 Carl Willis

Seems someone from Topps found a street urchin
wandering around outside
Ed Smith Stadium.

Not only that but it appears said "player" has
worn the jersey for so long all plastic lettering has come off
and the hat is changing colors. And shrunk.
Notice we are not subject to the blue jean shorts
said "player" is wearing.

Why is that Topps? Why is that?!

This ranks right up there with the "Batboy" card.

Shame on you Topps.


Another card from The Bench Traders.


Dan said...

I believe they were in Plant City, Fl. when they found that particular street urchin.

Just sayin'...

Brads55sRedsCards said...

Hey, it looks like the Tweaker is back posting dumbass cards again! I love it!

Bay Rat North West said...

Dan - They jumped into the "Way Back Machine" for the picture.
You know - Do Do Do. Do Do Do while you wave your hands in font of the face.

Brad - No such thing as a dumb ass Reds cards. Just less loved ones.