Monday, March 24, 2008

Rare Cincinnati Area Topps Test Issue

Brads55 decided he would post some Reds die cut cards this week. Graet idea! This gives me a chance to post one of the greatest finds I ever had. In 2005 Topps tested out a possible insert set in the greater Cincinnati area for 2005 baseball. As most of you know I am a truck driver. During a trip to the 'Nati in early 2006 I met a local wholesaler who had a set of die cuts that were test marketed in Cincinnati. I thought he was pulling my leg at first. Then he showed me these 1 / 1 die cut cards. And then gave them to this Reds fan from Salt Lake City. I could not believe my luck! 13 1 / 1 Test Issue cards from Topps! The stuff collectors dreams are made of. And they spoke louder for a Reds fan than a stadium full of Reds fans could yell.
I present to you
one of the rarest
Topps Test Issues ever!
C- No. 106 - Mark I Will Not Spell That Name
U- No. 105 - Joe Borowski
B- No. 155 - Greg Maddux
S- No. 132 - Kyle Farnsworth

A- No. 438 LaTroy Hawkins
R- No. 570 Todd Hollandsworth
E- No. 533 Glendon Rusch

Card No. 404 Jerry Hairston Jr.
Card No. 503 Jeromy Burnitz
Card No. 304 Chad Blasko
Card No. 258 Carlos Zambrano
Card No. 306 Sean Marshall
Card No. 406 Kerry Wood

And there you have it. Some of the rarest cards ever made! The edges look a little rough because they are test issues after all.
Make sure you check back on Tuesday to see the test issue cards I found at an Atlanta dealer's store. And if the deal is right for Reds or Austin Kearns cards I am open to trades for one card or whole words. remember these are 1 of 1's!


Anonymous said...

LOL. I'm a Cubs fan, so I have to be able to laugh at myself, right?

Brads55sRedsCards said...

Sorry dude. But don't believe those to be released by Topps at all! A nice score indeed. But I think that it was a independent job!

¡El Roberto! said...

super rare!