Monday, March 24, 2008

A full Reds team set of

2005 Diamond King
Challenge Redemption Set

It is estimated that between 200 and 450 sets were redeemed from Donruss. What sets these cards apart is the word Challenge is embossed into the cards on the lower right hand side in cursive lettering. Other than that there is no difference.

So take a look and enjoy the best looking of the Diamond King sets made by Donruss. To see the embossing click on the card for the full size scan and squint. Challenge does not show up well because it is embossed.

No. 69 Adam Dunn
Looking forward to another quiet 40+HR season from Bam Bam.

No. 70 Austin Kearns
The move to the new Nationals park looks like Austin will finally have a shot at a 30+ HR, 90 RBI season we have been waiting on. Between Zimmerman, Milledge and Johnson he will get some opportunities to score. And my fantasy teams shall crush!

No. 71 Barry Larkin
My second favorite all-time Red. Only behind Johnny Bench in my book.

No. 72 Ken Griffey Jr.
I plan on taping the 600th HR game this season. Some words of advise. If you have a dish MLB Direct Ticket is AWESOME.

No. 73 Ryan Wagner
Another Red let go and picked p by the Nationals. No wonder they have no card bloggers out there. If they are not good enough for the Reds system that only leaves the Braves and Mets for refuge. Until the Nats came along.

No. 74 Sean Casey
The Mayor has had a decent career since leaving The 'Nati. Pirates to the Tigers for a World Series appearance and now with the Red Sux. Good luck Mayor.

No. 75 Danny Graves
Reds closer for a few years until he lost his control. Though not as bad as Rick Ankiel did.

No. 336 Sean Casey
These cards have a different write up on back. That's it.

No. 337 Adam Dunn

No. 338 Ken Griffey Jr.

Hope you enjoyed the cards and there are plenty more where this came from. So stay tuned all 14 loyal readers for more full team sets this week from me. Brad is probably gonna throw in some ultra rare 1989 Score so come back soon!


Brads55sRedsCards said...

You better be careful showing off these Griffey cards that I don't have in my collection. As a matter of fact my Griffey collection just hit an all time milestone! 2,400 different cards! So you best be warned that I better not find out where you live as I'll be robbin' you blind of them Griff's necessary to my collection. Aloha from the resident '89 Score fan, Brad

Bay Rat North West said...

That is almost as 300 cards more than Austin has had made! Dang man. Ship some to me and I will start scanning them in. We need to get your collection on Wax Heaven's Heavenly Collections. Click the link on the blog roll and hit the H.C. link at the top of his page.

Brads55sRedsCards said...

Nah, I'll keep them for us only! Trust me, they will make it to this site eventually!