Monday, March 31, 2008

It's the most wonderfull time of the year!


So I offer you the Greatest Professional Baseball Team
on 2008 Topps Opening Day Red Bordered Cardboard

No. 9 in the checklist and No. 1 in your heart:

No. 118 Brandon "Taco" Phillips
The Reds full caliber 2nd baseman.
Who denied starving students free tacos.
No. 144 Josh Hamilton
Now with the Texas American League baseball team
No. 153 Adam Dunn
I see 52 homers, 116 RBI, 100 runs and 182 strikeouts!
No. 176 Aaron Harang The Reds unsung hero.
The 200+K starter who does nothing but get people out.

I would like to thank Topps for finally finding a picture of Aaron that does not make him look pregnant or like Frankenstein. Here he is throwin dat stinkee chedduh.No. 218 Joey Votto RC
The Future!

Man it's gonna be a good year. Hard hitting outfield. Smooth hitting and fielding infield. Good pitching. A true closer.

We win the division in a one game playoff. At Great American Ballpark. Against the Chicago National League semi-pro baseball team. 2 - 0 on a Dunn home run in the ninth driving in Phillips. Kerry Wood retires after Lou Pinella asks for his job back with the Reds.

Reds sweep the Phillies in the shocker of all shockers Division Series battles.

Reds 4 games to 3 over the Braves in the National League Championship Series. Chipper breaks down and pulls an Adam Morisson crying in the dirt between short and third.

The American League refuses to play in the World Series for fear of embarrassment.
Just sayin'.


Dan said...

How lame is it that Grif's and Dunn's photos are from at least two years ago... with the old uni's. I mean, come on!

How many Reds players a in the set? I guess I don't understand the whole Opening Day card thing.

Bay Rat North West said...

This is all the Reds in the set. Topps does this as a low priced set to get kids addicted to cards instead of crack. They don't know any better. While this is one of the worst looking sets of all time I used it because of the Opening Day name.

Dan said...

Cards are better than crack... gotta give it to them on that one.

thanks for the info. i picked a pack the other day to see what was up. probably all i will ever buy of them.

Brads55sRedsCards said...

Come on guys. The Red border really adds a nice look to the cincinnati unis.