Monday, March 10, 2008

No good deed goes unpunished.....

A little over a week ago I contacted a fellow Reds collector about working on the blog with me. It has been great seeing his cards. It was great that he answered the Cubs Suck question with enthusiasm. But he crossed the line when he tried to out Larkin this collector. I was the guy who watched Larkin help the Reds to the 1990 World Series. I was the guy who stated collecting Larkin in the 90's. Then he tries to show up a Barry Larkin collector.

(His trade page is the top link on the right)

You have been called out onto the REDS carpet.

I shall start of with this little cardboard treasure:
2004 Leaf Certified Materials
Card No. 17 Barry Larkin
Mirror Red Parallel
011 / 100

That's right! The parallel is numbered to Barry's jersey number. And if you look over the jersey number you see the Captain's C. And the card is the RED parallel. This card shows Mr. Larkin beating out a fielder's choice of of Ben Sheets on July 11, 2003 in Brewerland. Yep. But I ask you Brads55 - What is missing from this photo on shiny cardboard?

2004 Leaf Certified Materials
No. 17 Barry Larkin
Mirror Emerald Bat
1 / 5
That's right Brad. The bat he used to hit that screamer to Center Field is what I was talking about. Well here is a piece of that bat. And it is 1 of 5. Another question Brads55. What is the cleanest part of the photo on the card?

2004 Leaf Certified Materials
No. 17 Barry Larkin
Mirror Gold Fabric
22 / 25

Barry Larkin's uniform. He is still fast enough to need not slide in the dirt. Smooth enough in the field to not need to dive. And as a reminder. He is No. 11 in your program.

Well Brad. Does Barry Larkin sign off on this post about what he did on July 11, 2003? Let us see.

2004 Leaf Certified Materials
No. 17 Barry Larkin
Mirror White Autograph
08 / 10

It seems Mr. Larkin has signed off on this posting. He agrees you should never try to out Larkin a Larkin collector.

Just kidding man. I am enjoying your postings and everyone else is also. Keep up the good work and remember what happens when you try to out Larkin me :)


Brads55sRedsCards said...

Very Very nice I must admit. Out do you, nah. Hold a stick to, I'd hope so! I'm opting out of the G/U realm this week and focusing into either the Vintage or #'d non relic/auto cards. Trying to keep our site as fresh as possible. Bring it on sucka! Aloha and Mahalo! Brad

Bay Rat North West said...

I was going to post some oddballs this week to get away from the same old also. So. What 'choo got?

Brads55sRedsCards said...

So that being said do you want to play the Random Red Oddball week? Let me know as I'll be posting the first card of the week in 10 hours or so. Aloha, Brad

Bay Rat North West said...

You're on. I already have a little tale to let people know we mean biz when we post. Don't mess with the Reds!