Monday, March 10, 2008

Brads Random Red #7

2005 Absolute Memorabilia
Team Quad Jerseys
Adam Dunn, Austin Kearns
Sean Casey, Ryan Wagner #14 (39/100)

Well to wrap up my first week on the site I wanted to go out with a BANG! Here you have a Dual Sided Quad Jersey of some of my favorite players of the year! Adam Dunn has a Grey Away Jersey, Sean Casey has a White Home Jersey, Austin Kearns has a Red Warm-Up Jersey, and Ryan Wagner has a White Home Jersey! Enjoy!!!

Mahalo and Aloha, Brad

1 comment:

Bay Rat North West said...

I am now envious of your cards. I have never even seen this one. Congrats! And I look forward to many more weeks of great cards from the Brds55 collection.